Division of Forensic Psychiatry

Division Chair of Forensic Psychiatry -  Naghmeh Mokhber


Forensic psychiatry is a unique and fascinating specialty area of psychiatry that is devoted to caring for people who also have legal issues and providing mental health expertise to help answer legal questions.

Our work is exceptionally broad in scope and, consequently, offers the opportunity to tailor your training or career to meet your individual goals. Examples of some of our colleagues include: legal counsel, mental health courts, correctional centres, The Ontario Review Board, The Consent and Capacity Board, Faculty of Law, Western University, and other academic and health care institutions.

We have a tripartite mandate that is devoted to:

  1. Clinical Care - we adopt a recovery-oriented, psychosocial rehabilitation approach to care that respects the uniqueness of each individual and assists people in their functioning and community re-integration.
  2. Education and Training - we offer exceptional learning opportunities to trainees in a wide range of disciplines. The particular experience is customized to meet your individual interests and learning goals.
  3. Research - we promote research across all disciplines designed to advance scientific knowledge and evidence-based practices.