Western ECP

The Extended Campus Program (ECP) is a member program of the Ontario Psychiatric Outreach Program (OPOP) and was originally established in 1985 to recruit psychiatrist to under-serviced northern communities. As faculty members of the Department of psychiatry at Western University, those psychiatrists provided a foundation for the ECP.

Over time, the mission of the ECP has shifted from a dedication to psychiatric recruitment to one that recognizes the changing roles and relationships with its regional partners and maintains strong collaboration ties that facilitate both academic growth (through collaborative education and research) as well as quality psychiatric care in under-serviced communities through support of continued recruitment and retention efforts.

NOSP (North of Superior Program) Psychiatric Outreach Services:

The NOSP is a program within Western ECP. A group of faculty from the Department of Psychiatry at Western provide fly-in and videoconference psychiatric services to the North of Superior communities to the east of Thunder Bay, in collaboration with the North of Superior Counselling Program. The communities include;


These consultations, which are a unique potential educational experience for psychiatry trainees, are both direct to the patient and indirect to local mental health workers. In the context of changing roles and relationships with our regional partners, we are committed to maintaining strong ties that facilitate academic growth through collaborative education and research, as well as high-quality psychiatric care in under-serviced communities in northern Ontario though clinical services, support of continued recruitment and retention efforts.

The ECP geographic program locations also include those collaborating areas within Northern Ontario as well as sites throughout Southwestern Ontario included in DEN. 

  • Collaborating agencies in northern Ontario

DEN offers rotations to all Ontario residents. The rotations provide an opportunity for residents to experience learning, living and working in many locations throughout Ontario.

    • The main sites include:
        • Chatham
        • Owen Sound
        • Sarnia
        • St. Thomas
        • Stratford
        • Woodstock
        • Windsor 

For more information about the ECP, please contact:

Giuseppe Guaiana, MD, MSc, PhD, FRCPC
Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Western University
Chief of Psychiatry, St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital
Director, Extended Campus Program, Western University
Clinical Director, North of Superior Program, Western University

Meghan Backtash
ECP Coordinator
Western University, Schulich Department of Psychiatry  
Parkwood Institute, Mental Health Care Building 
500 Wellington Road, Room F4-430, London ON  
Tel.: 519 685-8500 ext. 47225 
E-mail: meghan.backtash@sjhc.london.on.ca