Current Residents

The residency program is designed to create a supportive and personally enriching experience. Through many academic and recreational activities, you have the opportunity to form tight-knit bonds with one another. At Western, you will find there is no “typical” resident. Residents come from across the globe with many educational and cultural backgrounds to enhance learning through exposure to different perspectives.

Residents enjoy a wide range of activities, including group discussions, going to movies, dining out, biking on the Thames Valley Parkway, exploring local trails and conservation areas, board game nights, music festivals such as Rock the Park, and more. See Resident Wellness and A Day in the Life of our residents for more!

  • Chief Resident* -Alex Hofkirchner
  • President and Assistant Chief Resident* - Anwar Hammoud
  • Coordinator of Psychiatry Education (COPE) representative* - Tricia Mohan
  • Senior Residents: Backup call Ravneet, Niron, Jessica
  • Senior Residents: Teaching only Dennis, Daniel, Andrew, Yoel
  • CaRMs - Alex, Anwar, Tricia, Ravneet, Mona, Melina
    (non-elected members: Chief, President, COPE Rep)
  • Recruitment Committee - N/A
  • Child Psychiatry Representative - Michael Warren
  • Community Liaison - Alex MacDonald
  • Continuing Professional Development - Zahra
  • Curriculum Committee - Tricia Mohan (COPE), Jin Liu, Eric Toyota
    (non-elected member: COPE Rep)
  • Forensics Committee - Brian Robertson
  • Communication - Coming soon
  • Geriatric Psychiatry Representative - Zahra, Melina
  • Psychotherapy Representative - Andrew Lechman, Tricia Mohan, Ryan Stevenson
  • Research Representative - Dennis Curry
  • Social Representative(s) - N/A
  • Evaluations Committee - Tricia Mohan*, Landi
  • Cultural Psychiatry Committee + Interest Group - Ryan Stevenson
  • Wellness Representatives - Alex Hofkirchner, Anwar, Corinne, Ravneet, Jeremy L, Ryan, Mona, Landi
  • Safety Committee - Michael Warren, Mona Rosca
  • MMI Planning Committee - Alex MacDonald, Mona Rosca

Please contact your resident representative with any issues you would like brought forward at the relevant committee meeting. You may share your concerns with your current Chief Resident, Yoel Green, and he will delegate them to the correct committee.

***RPC Members***

*Chief Resident (Elected by RPC)

*President and Assistant Chief Resident (elected by residents)

* COPE representative