Future Residents

Learning Opportunities

  • Numerous opportunities exist to become involved in research projects that interest you.
  • "Learning After Five" - a series of monthly lectures given by experts in their field; hosted at a nice location with free dinner provided.
  • One of the most innovative and renowned first episode psychosis programs (PEPP) in Canada.
  • Currently accredited for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry subspecialty residency program and applications in progress for Geriatric and Forensic psychiatry subspecialty residency programs in the near future.
  • Brand new forensic psychiatry facility located nearby, in St. Thomas.
  • Psychotherapy interest group that meets at a faculty’s residence once per month to discuss psychotherapy cases, with refreshments provided.

Number of Residents in the Program

  • Feel like a valued contributor to the department, even as a junior resident.
  • Be known personally by the Program Director and faculty.
  • Conducive to close bonding amongst the residents in your year, as well as the full resident group.
  • Allows more flexibility for catering opportunities to your personal interests.
  • Allows for numerous opportunities to become involved with committees and organizations that provide excellent experience and look great on a CV.

Resident Life

  • Close group of residents with social events organized throughout the year.
  • Residents meet monthly as a group to discuss everything from clinical concerns to planning social events. These meetings have a free lunch - and not wraps and sandwiches!
  • A resident mentor is provided to each incoming PGY 1 (Post Graduate Year one) for support and guidance (one of the few programs that do this and feedback has been amazing).
  • Your first month is an orientation month. Yes, you get paid to bond with your co-residents and travel around London and Southwestern Ontario learning about the community mental health resources. This really helps to get acclimated to our system so that you hit the ground running on your next block!
  • Always on-call with another resident (buddy system) which is nice for the company and support.


  • Extremely supportive and friendly faculty members who will treat you with the utmost respect and like a colleague.
  • Enjoy working with residents and are eager to teach.
  • Among them are some of the best clinicians and researchers in Canada and even worldwide.

Program Director

  • Extremely approachable and supportive of residents.
  • Takes resident concerns into account in all matters and advocates on their behalf.
  • Meets with resident group on a monthly basis to discuss any issues and give updates on matters that affect the residents.
  • Postgraduate Education Administrators
  • Both program administrators are extremely approachable and always there to help out.
  • You can email them with any questions or concerns and they will find an answer for you.
  • Organized and punctual in terms of submitting evaluations and other paperwork.


  • Brand new psychatric hospital, Parkwood Institute, which opened in November 2014.
  • Both Victoria and University Hospital are modern, safe places to work.
  • Numerous opportunities to work in associated community and rural facilities. Rural site rotations are not mandatory but are supported/encouraged and there are many to choose from!

The City Of London

  • The cost of living is relatively low.
  • You can drive to work in less than twenty minutes and don't have to deal with the traffic of a larger city.
  • London is known as the "Forest City", with outdoor trails to walk, run or bike.
  • Plenty of entertainment options - theatre, restaurants of all types, Budweiser Gardens, shopping and driving distance to the beach.
  • Close driving distance to Toronto and Detroit if you enjoy the "big city" experience.
  • Explore Western's Living in London website for more information.