Faculty Involvement

There are many opportunities within the Department of Psychiatry for faculty members who wish to get involved, whether it is supervising students, providing a resident lecture or giving a presentation on your current research. Below are some areas for consideration and information on who to contact if you are interested.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Postgraduate Education (PGE)

Undergraduate Education (UGE)

Clinical Supervision Opportunities

Observerships – Students in first and second year can spend a half day in the clinical setting observing faculty. They have signed all the required confidentiality agreements. They are not to perform independent assessments or chart in the clinical record. 

Clerkship – Third year students complete a six week clinical rotation in psychiatry. This includes 2 – 2 week core blocks and a 2 week selective. The core rotations are meant to provide exposure to a variety of diagnosis on inpatient units and outpatient clinics. At the end of each block the students provide feedback on their supervisor. This feedback is provided to the supervisors semi-annually.

Electives – Fourth year students from Canadian and International Medical Schools can complete electives for a minimum of 2 weeks. ALL non-Schulich elective students have to be approved by the Visiting Elective Students Office before beginning. The VSE program ensures the student is in good academic standing, has appropriate malpractice insurance and has received all necessary vaccinations. If you are approached by a student who wishes to complete an elective please direct them to VSE office.

If you are interested in acting as a supervisor during any of the four years please contact UGEpsychiatry@lhsc.on.ca. You will be asked for a brief outline of your clinical practice (i.e. inpatients vs. outpatients, clinical diagnosis seen) and your contact information. Students often approach the UGE Psychiatry office and we use this database to seek out supervisors.

Small Group and Didactic Teaching Opportunities

PCCIA – Patient Centred Context: Integration and Application. Offered in first and second year, facilitators are required to facilitate student independent learning in small groups of 7-8 medical students for 2 hours every week during the 15 week or 18 week periods. ‘Time sharing’ is available. The teaching is case-based and facilitators and students will receive a manual/syllabus containing cases, learning issues and suggested group exercises to follow. Facilitators are not required to be ‘content experts’ but should be interested in facilitating small group learning, in motivating students and by being enthusiastic about learning. Facilitating a student group requires commitment. Each facilitator is expected to be present for all weekly sessions and to complete all evaluation procedures in the group. If ‘time sharing’ is chosen, it will be entirely up to the two faculty sharing to arrange with each other what dates they will be facilitating and how the student evaluations will be completed. Facilitator training is provided. Limited parking will also be available for those without hospital or Western University parking privileges.

PCCM – Patient Centred Clinical Methods. Offered in first and second year, facilitators are required to provide instruction and feedback on interviewing skills in small groups of 6 medical students for three hours every week for a six week or three week period. A faculty handbook is provided and standardized patients are provided at the Rix Clinical Skills Building. An email is sent out each year recruiting faculty. If you have questions please contact Dr. Iouri Rybak at Iouri.Rybak@sjhc.london.on.ca.

Clerkship Seminar Series - Clinical clerks are provided an academic half-day each Wednesday during their six-week clinical rotation. The lectures cover a variety of topics. To become involved one would need to commit to providing the lecture during all 8 rotations. Lecturers also need to provide suitable MCQ based on the learning objectives. If you are interested in becoming involved in the upcoming academic year please contact Dr. Aturan Shanmugalingam  Aturan.Shanmugalingam@sjhc.london.on.ca