Departmental Mission and Statement of Principles

 Our Mission Statement:

 “The Department of Psychiatry serves our communities’ mental health needs, advances innovation, and fosters life-long learning through advancing a culture of collaboration, excellence, and compassion that is infused with meaning and joy.” 

Principles governing our Department:


We value curiosity, learning, research, and innovation.

We strive for excellence in our scholarly activities and to disseminate new knowledge for the benefit of society.

Provision of Quality Care

We strive to provide compassionate, person-centred, collaborative, and evidence-informed care within a framework of continuous quality improvement and engagement with patients, their families, and our partners-in-care.

Leading-edge Education

We strive for the creation and application of leading-edge educational methods and a rich environment of knowledge exchange and transfer among faculty, trainees, patients, families, and the larger academic and regional communities.

Culture of Integrity and Grace

We seek meaningful purpose at work each day.

We celebrate and support colleagues’ success.

We value each other and our differences; within these values we seek to attract and sustain colleagues with a rich diversity of races, ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations, gender identities, and physical abilities.

We consistently practice the highest standards of ethical and professional behaviors.

We serve as role models to those whom we teach, and reflect on the implicit academic, social and cultural messages that we share.

We treat each other with kindness and respect, and create a safe environment for learning and working.

Fiscal Responsibility

We participate in collaborative decision-making to provide stewardship of resources in the Department, to sustain our viability in the realms of both financial and human resources.