Electives and Observership


A wide array of elective opportunities exist within the Department of Psychiatry for visiting electives from within Canada and internationally. The elective process on the Schulich Website should be reviewed and followed when arranging an elective with Postgraduate Psychiatry at Western.


The Department of Psychiatry at Western welcomes observerships for international students who wish to gain insight into the field of Psychiatry, however observerships have no university status or educational component (as well as no clinical duties) and are therefore not arranged by the Postgraduate office.

Observerships are approved through Medical Affairs to grant access for the individual to be present in clinical areas of the hospital. You may contact any faculty member or service in which you have an interest in conducting an Observership. It is up to the individual faculty as to whether they have the time to provide an observership. If they would like to provide you with an observership experience, contact Medical Affairs and complete the associated observer request form for the affiliated hospital (SJHC/LHSC). 

Please follow the process as outlined on the Medical Affairs website which explains the documents you must submit along with the faculty request; found under "quick links" for both LHSC and SJHC.

Clerkship Year 4 Electives

We welcome clerks in their 4th year to come for an elective in Psychiatry! If you are considering a career in Psychiatry we look forward to meeting you and introducing you to our faculty, resident group and clinical opportunities. Please visit the Undergraduate Psychiatry site for information on how to setup an elective.