The Charles W. Gowdey Distinguished Lecture


The Charles W. Gowdey Distinguished Lecture was initiated by scientific colleagues and friends on his retirement in 1986.  The series features scientists from Canada and abroad who have made outstanding contributions to research in Pharmacology and Toxicology.

Dr. Charles W. Gowdey was born in St. Thomas, Ontario in 1920 and was educated at St. Thomas Collegiate Institute. He obtained a B.A in Chemistry in 1944 followed by a M.Sc. in Biochemistry in 1946 from the University of Western Ontario. After his marriage to Madelon (Peggy), he pursued his education at Oxford obtaining a D.Phil. in Professor J.H. Burn’s Department of Pharmacology in 1948.

Appointed as Lecturer in Pharmacology in the Faculty of Medicine, The University of Western Ontario in 1948, he rose to Head of Department in 1960, a position he held until 1981.  During this time, he built a strong department and pursued pioneering research in the field of hyperbaric physiology, decompression sickness, and haemorrhagic shock. Charles Gowdey was a founding member of The Canadian Federation of Biological Societies and The Pharmacological Society of Canada, serving as President of the latter in 1964-65.  A scholar, historian and educator, Dr. Gowdey served his university and his discipline with distinction and devotion.  He was a “classical” pharmacologist who taught by example at the bench and always had time to engage in “The Socratic Method” from which numerous graduate students benefited.  He also spent his time addressing neuropharmacology, narcotic dependency, and the therapeutic benefits of the numerous drugs which came into common use during his long and distinguished career.  Charles passed away in August 2003 and is remembered with affection by his former colleagues and trainees.  This lecture series honours a much beloved scholar and true gentleman.

Year  Lecturer
2023 TBA
2021 Brian Kobilka
2019 Anne-Claude Gingras
2017 John Schuetz
2015 Rebecca Simmons
2013 Mina Bissell
2011 Brenda Gallie
2009 Trevor Smart
2007 Michel Bouvier
2006 Louis J. Guillette
2005 Eric N. Olsen
2004 David P. Siderovski
2003 Charles M. Stein
2002 Raymond W. Tennant
Year  Lecturer
2001 Judes Poirier
2000 Arnold M. Katz
1999 Susan P.C. Cole
1998 Marc G. Caron
1997 Kenneth R. Chien
1996 Stephen H. Safe
1995 Fred P. Guengerich
1994 David F. Horrobin
1993 Richard M Weinshilboum
1992 Hans C. Fibiger
1991 Arthur M. Brown
1990 Jud Coon
1989 Harold Kalant
1988 Edward M. Sellers