Positions Available

Positions Available

Postdoctoral Fellows

Those interested in obtaining a postdoctoral fellowship position should contact potential supervisors directly

Postdoctoral Associate in Translational Biology

Our lab is seeking a talented and highly motivated postdoctoral associate with expertise
in large-scale statistical analyses of clinical data and their integration with complex
biological studies. Biological data types include RNA-Sequencing, cell imaging (flow
cytometry, microscopy), proteomics, and clinical trial analysis


For details, please click here.


Translational Cognitive Neuroscience Lab

For details on this postdoctoral position, please click here.

Dr. Jane Rylett's Laboratory

Postdoctoral Fellowship in Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology

We have immediate openings for national or international post-doctoral fellows to study cellular and molecular events regulating chemical communication by cholinergic neurons and pathology associated with Alzheimer disease. Projects involve use of neuronal culture and genetically-modified mouse models, and require a strong background with extensive laboratory experience in molecular and cell biology, biochemistry, confocal microscopy of fixed and live cells, and/or protein chemistry. Successful applicants will hold a Ph.D. degree, and will have demonstrated excellent oral and written communication skills and ability to work effectively in a team environment. While funding for these positions has been secured, successful applicants will be encouraged to apply for independent postdoctoral fellowships. Please send a letter of application including a one page description of past research experience and interests, a CV, and names and contact information of three references to: jane.rylett@schulich.uwo.ca

Information on Dr. Rylett's research can be found here.

Research Staff

Please also visit Western Human Resources for available positions.


Please visit Western Human Resources for available positions.