Mission and Vision

Department of Physiology and Pharmacology


The Mission of the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology is to carry out world-class scientific research and evidence-based teaching, expanding on our track record of innovation and excellence in both research and teaching.


The Vision of the Department is to be a top-ranked research-intensive academic Department in the disciplines of Physiology and Pharmacology in Canada, and beyond.


We support:

  • the highest standards of scientific research and teaching
  • leadership in innovation in research and teaching
  • free and extensive exchange of ideas through collaboration and collegiality
  • maximizing the impact of our research and teaching through communication
  • participation in a culture of collective responsibility for the quality and conduct of our graduate and undergraduate training programs
  • fostering and contributing to an esprit de corps that respects individual differences and needs
  • effective mentoring and ongoing career development for all Department members throughout their careers
  • principles of openness, collective management and ethical behaviour