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Latest funding opportunities listed:

Association for Surgical Education Foundation

"The Association for Surgical Education Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the Association for Surgical Education, is accepting proposals for projects that promote excellence and innovation in surgical education research.

Through its Center for Excellence in Surgical Education, Research and Training, the foundation will award grants of up to $25,000 within five broad categories: Innovations in Surgical Education that Improve Patient Care, Innovations in Performance Evaluation and Assessment, Innovations in Student Programs, Innovations in Resident and Faculty Development, and Innovations in Educational Administration. Research studies may include teaching techniques, performance evaluation methods, instructional and curriculum design, and educational program design.

Grants are open to members of any national surgical association; however, priority will be given to ASE members. If a non-ASE member wishes to apply for a grant, he or she must work in collaboration with, or have their project endorsed by, an ASE member. "

Deadline: June 1, 2015

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Bladder Cancer Research Innovation Award

The aim of the 2015 Bladder Cancer Research Innovation Award is to support exceptionally novel and creative projects with great potential to produce breakthroughs in the management of bladder cancer. The proposed research may be basic, translational, clinical or epidemiological and must have direct applicability and relevance to bladder cancer.

Deadline for letter of intent: January 14, 2015

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Cicatricial Alopecia Research Foundation

"The Cicatricial Alopecia Research Foundation (CARF) seeks original, focused, and innovative research grant applications dealing with primary cicatricial alopecia (PCA). Applications will be accepted from laboratories around the world. The proposed project must serve to further CARF's research goals, namely, to understand the pathogenesis of PCA, an understanding that will lead to effective prevention and therapy. "

Deadline: March 15, 2015

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CNIB - CNIB Barbara Tuck MacPhee Award

The Award supports researchers in the field of macular degeneration.

Deadline: January 30, 2015

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DEBRA International

"The current research priorities are: Improve the understanding of the biology and genetics of all forms of Epidermolysis bullosa (EB), as better understanding can lead to new approaches to diagnose and treat EB; Work towards the development of therapies (including possible gene-therapies, cell-therapies, drug therapies or protein therapies); and Understand the nature of wound healing and the development of skin cancer in EB, and seek to develop better treatments and prevention strategies - Support clinical care research to improve the management of EB through symptom relief. "

Deadline: March 01, 2015

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ECD Global Alliance

The ECD Global Alliance is soliciting Letters of Intent for funding of research projects focused on the study of Erdheim-Chester Disease. The purpose of the ECD Global Alliance is to help those affected by Erdheim-Chester Disease. As such, the Alliance’s mission is to provide support, promote research, raise awareness and share educational material related to ECD.

Deadline for Letter of Intent: April 2, 2015

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Friedreich's Ataxia Research Alliance - General Research Grant

FARA accepts LOIs from qualified investigators for projects that target FARA’s research priorities.

Deadlines for letter of intent: February 1, 2015; July 15. 2015

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Grant for Multiple Sclerosis Innovation

The innovation grant will be awarded to support promising translational research projects by academic researchers to improve understanding of multiple sclerosis (MS) for the ultimate benefit of patients. Potential research topics that could be funded through the GMSI include MS pathogenesis, response to treatment and prediction of MS subtypes, identification of predictive or surrogate markers to allow better clinical decisions using currently available treatments as well as any potential new treatments, innovative patient support programs, mobile health devices, or patient-reported outcomes.

Deadline: January 23, 2015

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Human Frontier Science Program Research Grants

The Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP) is a niche program that supports innovative basic research into fundamental biological problems with emphasis placed on novel and interdisciplinary approaches that involve scientific exchanges across national and disciplinary boundaries. The participation of scientists from disciplines outside the traditional life sciences such as biophysics, chemistry, computational biology, computer science, engineering, mathematics, nanoscience or physics has made biological research increasingly quantitative and will continue to do so. Such collaborations have opened up new approaches for understanding the complex structures and regulatory networks that characterize living organisms, their evolution and interactions. To stimulate novel, daring ideas and innovative approaches, preliminary results are not required in research grant applications. The HFSP places special emphasis on encouraging scientists early in their careers–this is expressed both in the establishment of a special Young Investigators’ Grant and in encouraging scientists early in their careers to participate in the Program Grants. Applicants are expected to develop new lines of research through the collaboration.

"Deadline for letter of intent: March 31, 2015 "

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Laerdal Foundation for Acute Medicine

"Projects to be considered for support from the Foundation should be clearly related to acute medicine. Suitable projects should comprise one or several of such elements as experimental or clinical research, diagnosis, treatment and transport of patients with acute life threatening disease or trauma, and development or accomplishment of education."

Deadline: April 01, 2015

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Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Association of Canada

The Mission of the SBHAC is to improve the quality of life of all individuals with spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus and their families through awareness, education and research, and to reduce the incidence of neural tube defects.

Deadline: February 28, 2015

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World Anti-Doping Agency

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is committed to increasing the volume of research dedicated to developing new and improved detection methods for prohibited substances and methods. WADA is also responsible for studying emerging doping threats, such as gene doping.

Deadline: February 15, 2015

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Additional Opportunties:

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