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Latest funding opportunities listed:

American Brain Tumor Association - Discovery Grants

"The ABTA Discovery Grants are intended to encourage the development of new approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of brain tumors. By providing funding through its Discovery Grants, the ABTA seeks to support high-risk/high-impact projects with the potential to change current diagnostic or treatment paradigms for adult and pediatric brain tumor care. These grants specifically encourage novel research by allowing researchers to conduct the early scientific studies needed to secure additional/future funding for their projects. Additionally, investigators from sciences outside traditional biological fields are encouraged to apply. The development of new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches advances the understanding and treatment of brain tumors, and increases the potential for improving, extending and ultimately saving the lives of those living with a brain tumor diagnosis. "

"Deadline for Letter of Intent: November 14, 2019 Deadline for application: March 13, 2019"

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American Brain Tumor Association - Research Collaboration Grants

The ABTA Research Collaboration Grants are intended to promote team science in a way that will streamline and accelerate progress and effect the desired change in clinical outcome for brain tumors. The research projects supported under this mechanism must be conducted by a team of two co-principal investigators (Co-PIs) from distinct institutions. The research project should be multi-disciplinary in that it incorporates multiple components such as basic, translational, clinical, and epidemiological research. We seek projects focused on all brain tumor types, benign or malignant, primary or secondary (metastatic).

"Deadline for Letter of Intent: November 14, 2018 Deadline for application: March 13, 2019"

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Cooley’s Anemia Foundation - Support for Ongoing Clinical Research in Thalassemia

The Foundation invites national and international applicants to apply for grants to support ongoing clinical research projects in thalassemia.

"Deadline for Letter of Intent: December 20, 2018 Deadline for Application: February 4, 2019"

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CureSearch Acceleration Initiative 4 (AI-4) Awards in Pediatric Cancer

"Through the fourth phase of the Acceleration Initiative (AI-4), CureSearch for Children's Cancer will review and fund promising research that addresses the barriers in areas of high unmet need in pediatric cancer research including high-risk, relapsed, or metastatic disease, adolescent and young adult patient populations, and/or the use of novel immunotherapy targets or modalities for pediatric cancer treatment. We support innovative, evidence-based translational and clinical cancer research that has a high potential to improve therapeutic options through research pathways that are collaborative, interdisciplinary, and generate measurable results. "

"Deadline for Letter of Intent: November 16, 2018 Deadeline for proposals: February 1, 2019"

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CureSearch Catapult Impact Fund: Clinical Trial Awards in Pediatric Cancer

"CureSearch launched its Catapult Strategy to accelerate the development of novel, innovative, less-toxic treatments for children with cancer. For many reasons, new treatments are not being developed for children with cancer as quickly as they are for adults. The goal of the Catapult Impact Fund is to overcome barriers to pediatric cancer drug development by providing meaningful funding and expert scientific guidance in order to advance the development of promising oncology research out of the lab, into clinical trials and to regulatory approval, with the ultimate goal of improving clinical outcomes in childhood cancer patients and making new treatments widely available. "

"Deadline for Letter of Intent: November 16, 2018 Deadeline for proposals: February 1, 2019"

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Paralyzed Veterans of America / PVA Education Foundation

From coordinating workshops for health professionals to producing educational materials to sponsoring fellowships in spinal cord medicine, the Paralyzed Veterans of America Education Foundation helps develop tools that share spinal cord injury and disease (SCI/D) knowledge and improve the lives of those with SCI/D.

Deadline: December 3, 2018

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Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation

"Created to allow established investigators to explore novel, innovative areas of research, the Albert Rose Established Investigator Award provides critical support to the development of new projects, and enables the investigator to pursue additional funding through the National Institutes of Health or other agencies. The awards support projects that offer a high likelihood of improving the understanding of pulmonary fibrosis (PF) in the following areas: basic science, translational research, clinical medicine/research, and social science/quality of life. "

"Deadline for Letter of Intent: November 30, 2018 Deadeline for proposals: March 9, 2019"

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Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration - Treat FTD Fund

The Treat FTD Fund was launched in 2016 with the Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation to support clinical trials testing novel or repurposed drugs for FTD disorders. Running clinical trials in FTD patients will enable investigators to identify optimal approaches to targeting this unique patient population. In addition, trials supported through the Treat FTD Fund will complement efforts such as the FTD Biomarkers initiative and the Accelerating Drug Discovery for FTD program by employing emergent advances in biomarker development and preclinical research.

"Deadline for letter of intent: November 9, 2018 Deadline for application: February 15, 2019"

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Ontario HIV Treatment Network - Endgame Funding Program

"This funding program supports people and projects (including innovative, discovery-based and investigator-driven game changing research) that have the potential to: meet the needs of populations in Ontario most affected by HIV; drive changes in policy and practice across the HIV prevention, engagement, and care cascade; lead to more integrated health and social services; identify effective ways to address the social determinants that have a negative impact on the health of communities most affected by HIV; and contribute to a rapid learning HIV health and social system. "

"Deadline for letter of intent: November 15, 2018 Deadline for application: February 15, 2019"

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Pediatric Epilepsy Research Foundation - Grant for Infrastructure/Registry Research

"This competitive grant in child neurology is directed at developing new infrastructure, (registries and networks) or an existing infrastructure to advance the science of the research project. To that end, PERF offers the ""PERF Grant for Infrastructure/Registry Research"". PERF will consider projects in all areas of child neurology, and is keen on projects that promote advances in pediatric epilepsy. Research projects providing opportunities for training and/or mentoring young investigators are of particular interest. "

"Deadline for letter of inquiry: November 12, 2018 Deadline for application: March 12, 2019"

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Progeria Research Foundation

The Progeria Research Foundation (PRF) is dedicated to discovering treatments and the cure for Progeria and its aging-related disorders, including heart disease. Progeria is a rare, fatal, "premature aging" disease that affects children, who die of cardiovascular disease (heart failure or stroke) at an average age of 14 years - the same diseases that affect millions of normal aging adults (atherosclerosis and stroke). Investigation of the disease mechanisms causing Progeria will help not only children with Progeria, but also has implications for heart attacks, strokes and other aging-related conditions.

"Deadline for letter of intent: October 30, 2018 Deadline for application: January 15, 2019"

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Cancer Research Society Inc.

"The Operating Grants Competition is the principal means by which the Cancer Research Society fulfills its mission to support fundamental, early translational and environment-cancer research on all types of cancer to contribute to the advancement of science aimed at preventing, detecting and treating this disease. The award program is offered to research projects in basic and fundamental, early translational and environment-cancer research. Applied, psychosocial or clinical research projects are not admissible to this program. "

"Deadline for Letter of Intent: December 4, 2018 Deadline for Application: February 13, 2019"

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PSC Partners Seeking a Cure

The foundation offers grants to conduct research that addresses an important and novel, basic or clinical research question related to PSC and closely allied diseases (such as inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), ulcerative colitis (UC) or Crohn's disease) as they relate to PSC.

Deadline: March 23, 2019

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Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation

The foundation welcomes proposals from any of the natural and social sciences and the humanities that promise to increase understanding of the causes, manifestations, and control of violence and aggression. Highest priority is given to research that can increase understanding and amelioration of urgent problems of violence and aggression in the modern world.

Deadline: August 1, 2019

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National PKU Alliance

The NPKUA is seeking proposals that will help close existing gaps in the knowledge and science of PKU, and to further support existing PKU-related projects.

Deadline: November 1, 2018

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Alzheimer Society Research Program

"The ASRP focuses on two research streams: 1. The Biomedical Stream provides funding for research into basic biological mechanisms related to brain changes associated with the disease, and into the identification of therapeutic agents to combat the disease. Applications relative to, for example, brain-behaviour mechanisms, biochemical changes and molecular genetics are processed in the Biomedical stream. 2. The Quality of Life stream is concerned with all aspects of dementia care and support. The Alzheimer Society has a particular interest in the means to improve the way care is experienced by people with dementia living in long term care homes, and their families. "

Deadline: November 9, 2018

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American Otological Society

The purpose of the American Otological Society (AOS) Research Grant is to encourage and support academic research in sciences related to the ear. All of the AOS grant awards may involve research on any topic related to ear disorders and are no longer limited to studies of Menière's disease or otosclerosis. The research need not be directly on an otological disease but may explore normal functions of the cochlea, labyrinth or central auditory or vestibular systems.

"Deadline for Letter of Intent: November 1, 2018 Deadline for Applications: January 31, 2019"

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BrightFocus Foundation - National Glaucoma Research

The standard award provides significant funding for researchers who have already generated some amount of preliminary data, but are often required to demonstrate additional, significant progress before they can apply to governmental or industrial funding agencies.

Deadline: November 9, 2018

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Physicians' Services Incorporated Foundation

"The Foundation's support of health research is offered in through the following programs:

  • Health Research Grants
  • Healthcare Research by Community Physicians
  • Educational Fellowships for Practicing Physicians
  • Resident Research Grants
  • P.S.I.F. Fellowship for Translational Research


"Deadline: Continuous Note: Applications to PSI Foundation from London researchers are generally submitted through the Lawson Health Research Institute. Contact Lawson <> for more information."

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Last updated: October 23, 2018

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