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Latest funding opportunities listed:

Alternatives Research and Development Foundation

The mission of ARDF is to fund and promote the development, validation, and adoption of non-animal methods in biomedical research, product testing, and education. Preferential consideration will be given to proposals that utilize human rather than nonhuman vertebrate tissue. Proposals are judged primarily on the basis of (1) the extent to which the project will significantly reduce or replace laboratory animals and (2) scientific merit and feasibility.

Deadline: April 30, 2015

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American Academy of Implant Dentistry

These grants is intended to provide limited support for meritorious dental implant research projects.

Deadline: August 01, 2015

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Children's Cardiomyopathy Foundation

CCF offers funding for basic science, clinical, population/ epidemiologic and translational research on cardiomyopathies affecting children aged 18 years and younger. This includes support for studies focused on the causes, diagnosis or treatment of dilated, hypertrophic, restrictive, arrhythmogenic right ventricular and left ventricular non-compaction cardiomyopathy.

Deadline for Letters of Intent: June 12, 2015

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CooperVision Science and Technology Awards

The goal of the Award Program is to bring award recipients and CooperVision scientists together to explore new areas of technology advancement. The key focus area for FY2016 are: Approaches to improve contact lens discomfort including intervention and management strategies; and Technologies to enhance the functionality of contact lenses beyond conventional vision correction. Two types of awards are offered: CooperVision Seedling Award, and CooperVision Translational Research Award.

Deadline for Letters of Intent: May 22, 2015

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Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America, Inc.- Senior Research Awards

"The objective of these awards is to provide established researchers with funds to generate sufficient preliminary data to become competitive for funds from other sources, such as the National Institute of Health (NIH). Proposals must be relevant to inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn's Disease or ulcerative colitis).


Deadline for Letters of Intent:  May 1, 2015

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Cystic Fibrosis Foundation - Clinical Research Awards

CFFT, the nonprofit drug discovery and development affiliate of the CF Foundation, offers competitive awards to support clinical research projects directly related to CF treatment and care. Projects may address diagnostic or therapeutic methods related to CF or the pathophysiology of CF, and applicants must demonstrate access to a sufficient number of CF patients from CF Foundation-accredited care centers and to appropriate controls. Funding priority is placed on those projects developing and/or testing therapeutic interventions to interrupt the abnormal pathophysiology associated with CF.

Deadline for letter of intent: June 1, 2015; December 1, 2015 (anticipated)

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Department of Defense - Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Research Program

The ALSRP focuses funding on translational research, with the specific goal of finding new treatments for our military men and women living with ALS and the thousands of other Americans whose lives continue to be impacted by this disease.

Deadline for pre-applications: May 11, 2015

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Department of Defense - Autism Research Program

The Autism Research Program focuses on ways to improve diagnosis, treatment, and studying psychosocial factors for affecting key life time transitions to independence and a better life for those with autism and their families. The FY 2015 program includes two funding mechanisms: Clinical Trial Awards; and Idea Development Awards.

Deadline for Pre-Application: June 10, 2015

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Department of Defense - Ovarian Cancer Research Program

"The Department of Defense (DoD) Ovarian Cancer Research Program (OCRP) supports high-impact, cutting-edge research that fills unmet needs. The OCRP establishes priorities to target the most critical needs along the pipeline from basic to translational to clinical research and to push the field of ovarian cancer forward in our vision to eliminate this disease. Our current research priorities include: - Understanding the precursor lesion/stem cell, microenvironment, and pathogenesis/progression of all types of ovarian cancer including rare subtypes - Developing or improving performance and reliability of screening, diagnostic approaches, and treatment - Developing and validating models to study initiation and progression of ovarian cancer - Addressing issues in primary prevention and survivorship - Investigating tumor response to therapy including tumor survival, dormancy, cell death, clonal evolution, and tumor heterogeneity - Enhancing pool of ovarian cancer scientists "

Deadline for pre-applications: May 2015. See website for specific deadlines

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Department of Defense Lung Cancer Research Program

The LCRP will support and integrate research from multiple disciplines for risk assessment, prevention, early detection, diagnosis, and treatment for the control and cure of lung cancer.

Deadline for pre-applications: June 2, 2015

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Department of Defense Peer Reviewed Medical Research Program

"All applications for PRMRP funding must specifically address at least one of the Topic Areas as directed by Congress and must be directly relevant to the healthcare needs of military Service members, Veterans, and/or beneficiaries. FY 2015 Topic Areas are: •Acupuncture •Acute Lung Injury •Advanced Prosthetics •Arthritis (other than osteoarthritis, post-traumatic osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis) •Burn Pit Exposure •Cardiovascular Health •Chronic Migraine and Post-Traumatic Headache •Congenital Heart Disease •Dengue •Diabetes •DNA Vaccine Technology for Post-Exposure Prophylaxis •Dystonia •Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis •Food Allergies •Fragile X Syndrome •Healthcare-Acquired Infection Reduction •Hepatitis B •Hereditary Angioedema •Hydrocephalus •Inflammatory Bowel Disease •Integrative Medicine •Interstitial Cystitis •Lupus •Malaria •Metals Toxicology •Mitochondrial Disease •Nanomaterials for Bone Regeneration •Osteoarthritis •Pancreatitis •Pathogen-Inactivated Dried Plasma •Polycystic Kidney Disease •Post-Traumatic Osteoarthritis •Psychotropic Medications •Pulmonary Fibrosis •Respiratory Health (excludes lung cancer and mesothelioma) •Rheumatoid Arthritis •Scleroderma •Sleep Disorders •Tinnitus •Vascular Malformations •Women’s Heart Disease"

Deadline for pre-applications: June 2015. See website for specific deadlines.

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Fahs-Beck Fund for Research and Experimentation

Through its Faculty/Post-Doctoral Fellows program, the fund will award grants of up to $20,000 to support studies aimed at developing, refining, evaluating, and/or disseminating innovative interventions designed to prevent or ameliorate major social, psychological, behavioral, or public health problems affecting children, adults, couples, families, or communities. In addition, the fund will consider studies that have the potential for adding significantly to knowledge about such problems.

Deadlines: November 1; April 1

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Killam Research Fellowships Program

The fellowships provide a period of release time from teaching and administrative duties to individual scholars of exceptional ability who are engaged in research projects of broad significance and widespread interest and who wish to pursue independent research. Research may be in any of the following fields: humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, health sciences, engineering, or studies linking any of the disciplines within these fields. The Canada Council does not wish to specify or exclude any areas of research at this time.

Deadline: May 15, 2015

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Lung Cancer Research Foundation

"The Lung Cancer Research Foundation's grant program provides critical seed support for cutting-edge scientific research on all cancers of the lung. We believe this type of support can build proof of concept for researchers to apply for additional grant funding from universities and public sources. "

Deadline: July 1, 2015

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Osteology Foundation

"Funding research into all aspects of oral tissue regeneration is a core task of the Osteology Foundation. "

Deadline for Preliminary Proposals: June 15, 2015; December 1, 2015

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Partnership for Clean Competition

PCC-supported research contributes to a movement in addressing doping's root causes and ultimately decreasing the use of performance-enhancing drugs by all participants in all sports at all levels of play.

Deadline: Continuous

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Scottish Rite Charitable Foundation of Canada

The SRCFC support biomedical research into Solving the Puzzles of the Mind focused on the following: 1. The causes and eventual cure of intellectual impairment, such as Autism and Down Syndrome, especially as it affects children. 2. The causes and eventual cure of Alzheimer's Disease. 3. Research into other forms of intellectual impairment may be considered. The focus of the research should be on the causes and cure of the disease as opposed to the active treatment or palliative care. Applications are limited to researchers who have no more than five years experience as an independent investigator as of January 1 in the year of application.

Deadline: April 30, 2015

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Additional Opportunties:

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