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Latest funding opportunities listed:

American Pain Society - 2015 Rita Allen Award in Pain

"Proposed research projects should be directed toward the molecular biology of pain and/or basic science topics related to the development of new analgesics for the management of pain due to terminal illness. Eligible candidates will have completed their training and be able to provide persuasive evidence of distinguished achievement or extraordinary promise in basic science research in pain. Candidates should be in the early stages of their career with an appointment at the faculty level. "

Deadline: January 16, 2015

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American Laryngological Association - Seymore R. Cohen Research Grant

The purpose of this grant is to support basic science or translational research project in the area of laryngology or neurolaryngology with relevance to the pediatric population.

Deadline for letter of intent: December 01, 2014

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Association of Migraine Disorders Research Grant

The purpose of this RFP is to support novel and transformative evidence-based research into migraine-related disorders. A preference will be given to basic science projects.

Deadline for letter of intent: December 15, 2014

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Brain & Behavior Research Foundation 2015 NARSAD Independent Investigator Grant

The NARSAD Independent Investigator Grant provides support for investigators during the critical period between the initiation of research and the receipt of sustained funding. Basic and/or clinical investigators are supported, but research must be relevant to schizophrenia, major affective disorders, or other serious mental illnesses.

Deadline: November 14, 2014

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Canadian Lung Association/Ontario Thoracic Society - Grant-in-Aid Program

The Ontario Thoracic Society facilitates, encourages and adjudicates clinical, epidemiological and basic scientific research in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of respiratory disease and the promotion of respiratory health. The Grant-in-Aid (GIA) program, a national peer reviewed application process, supports pulmonary research or development projects and offers grants for research operating costs, including laboratory supplies, technicians and some equipment for up to one or two years (varies from province to province). The Canadian Lung Association (CLA) manages the GIA program application and peer review processes. The provincial lung associations make funding decisions and administer the awards, taking into account application budgets and competition results.

Deadline for Registration: November 14, 2014

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Caring for Carcinoid Foundation-AACR Grant for Carcinoid Tumor and Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumor Research

This grant represents a joint effort to promote and support innovative cancer research. This grant is available to full time, independent junior and senior investigators to develop and study new ideas and innovative approaches that have direct application and relevance to carcinoid tumors or pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors.

Deadline: November 19, 2014

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Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of Canada - Grants in Aid of Research (GIA)

"The program is intended to support a range of research on inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). GIA's support research projects with a defined objective, conducted by an investigator working alone or in collaboration with others. The research proposed must have a clear connection to the mission of the Foundation. It should have relevance to, and potential importance to inflammatory bowel disease; in addition, relevance to other bowel diseases or possible spin-offs. It should have also have the potential to impact IBD prevention, treatments, cures or health policy in order to improve the lives of children and adults living with IBD. The research domain may be immunology, genetics, epithelial barrier, microbiology, enteric nervous system, epidemiology, or other. "

Deadline for Letter of Intent: November 03, 2014

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Medical Council of Canada

The purpose and priorities of the 2015 competition are the encouragement of innovations in the assessment of clinical competence or performance of students, postgraduate trainees or practitioners. Priority will be given to proposals that show promise in contributing to the knowledge and understanding of measurement in clinical assessment and to clinical program evaluation methods for medical education. The proposal must focus on research, not development, in the assessment of performance or clinical assessment.

Deadline: February 01, 2015

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OICR/CCO Health Services Research Program ‐ Knowledge Translation Research Network

"Funds are available from the Knowledge Translation Research Network (KT‐Net) of the Health Services Research (HSR) Program for projects that address important knowledge translation aspects relevant to the clinical priority areas defined in OICR’s 2010 to 2015 strategic plan (outlined below). Total funding available for the 2014-2015 competition is $150,000. It is anticipated that 1 or 2 teams will be funded under this initiative. "

Deadline: November 14, 2014

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SightFirst Research Grant

"The Lions Club International Foundation (LCIF) provides funds to support public health research initiatives that evaluate and directly influence the operation of the SightFirst program, Lions’ premier initiative to strengthen eye care systems in underserved communities. SightFirst research grants of up to US$100,000 are available to support projects that investigate: - innovative approaches to reduce blindness from cataract; - innovative approaches to reduce blindness from trachoma; - innovative approaches to reduce and correct refractive errors in school-age children; or - epidemiological surveys in geographical areas where there is no recent data available or where repeated surveys may inform existing trends. Basic laboratory science research will not be supported under this program. "

Deadline for letter of intent: December 15, 2014

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Stand Up To Cancer Canada

The Stand Up To Cancer Canada - Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation Breast Cancer Dream Team, supported by CIBC, represents a new focused effort to accelerate advances in breast cancer research through the creation of a collaborative, translational, research team pursuing the most promising science for a new breast cancer therapeutic intervention.

Deadline for letter of intent: December 8, 2014 by 12:00pm on EST

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Additional Opportunties:

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