James A.F. Stevenson Memorial Lecture


A lecture series was established in 1972 to honour the memory of Professor James A.F. Stevenson (1918-1971) who was Chairman of the Department of Physiology at the University of Western Ontario from 1951 to 1970.  Under his dynamic leadership the Department was expanded and teaching and research programs were strengthened. He directed a vigorous research group in Regulatory and Integrative Physiology concerned in particular with neural mechanisms in the control of water and energy balance.

Professor Stevenson was a pioneer in organizing scientific activities as founder and then as president of the Canadian Physiological Society and of the Biological Council of Canada.  He was also Vice President of the Association of Scientific, Engineering and Technological Communities of Canada, and Editor of the Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology.  He received national and international recognition for his contributions, including election as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada in 1969.

This series of lectures is dedicated to Professor Stevenson's firmly held view, which he pursued as a teacher and as a scientist, that physiological processes are integrated components of adaptive responses of the whole animal to environmental challenges.


Year Lecturer
2022 Tak Mak
2020 Amira Klip
2018 John Scott
2016 Charles Bourque
2014 Hal Dietz
2012 Jean Schaffer
2010 Jeff Wrana
2008 Randal Kaufman
2006 Gerard Karsenty
2005 Martin M. Matzuk
2004 Kenton M. Sanders
2003 Geoffrey Burnstock
2002 Virginia M-Y Lee
2001 Edward G. Lakatta
2000 Leroy E. Hood
1999 Jeffrey M. Friedman
1998 Henry M. Kronenberg
1997 A. James Hudspeth
1996 Denis Nobel
1995 Michel Chretien
1994 Neena B. Schwartz
Year Lecturer
1993 Salvador Moncada
1992 David J. Ramsay
1992 Joseph H. Szurszewski
1990 P. Michael Conn
1989 Peter B.C. Mattews
1988 John B. West
1987 Geoffrey S. Dawes
1986 Albert J. Aguayo
1985 Wylie W. Vale
1984  Roger A. Gorski
1983 Patrick L. McGeer
1982 David H. Hubel
1981 F. Eugene Yates
1980 Arthur C. Guyton
1979 James T. Fitzsimons
1978 Charles H. Sawyer
1977 Jacques De Champlian
1976 Vernon B. MountCastle
1975 Alan N. Epstein
1974 Edward E. Evarts
1973 John R. Brobeck
1972 Sir John Eccles