• Closed for the Holidays

    December 23, 2020
    The Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Office will be closed for the holiday break from December 23 to January 4 at 8:30 am. We wish you a happy holidays and a wonderful new year!

  • Award: Trainee wins top oral presentation from Clinician Investigator Trainee Association

    December 21, 2020
    Kara Ruicci, MD/PhD, Class of 2022, received the Top Oral Presentation Award at the Clinician Investigator Trainee Association 2020 general meeting.

  • Dr. M.E. Kirk Teaching Award and Staff Awards of Excellence 2020

    December 17, 2020
    Congratulations to the recipient of the Dr. M.E. Kirk Teaching Award, Dr. Rob Hammond, and the recipients of the 2020 London Pathology Associates (LPA) Staff Awards of Excellence, Cheryl Campbell and Stephanie Abel.

  • GISAID Recognition for Dr. Poon and Members of his Bioinformatics Lab

    December 14, 2020
    Congratulations to Dr. Art Poon and members of his bioinformatics lab, who have developed a new "real time" analysis and visualization system for SARS-CoV-2 genomes. This month, their web application CoVizu was officially recognized by the GISAID Initiative.

  • 2020 Lawson Impact Award

    December 03, 2020
    Congratulations to Dr. Bekim Sadikovic, recipient of a 2020 Lawson Impact Award. Dr. Sadikovic received the Dr. Joseph Gilbert Research Contribution Award for his publication, "Diagnostic Utility of Genome-wide DNA Methylation Testing in Genetically Unsolved Individuals with Suspected Hereditary Conditions" in the American Journal of Human Genetics.