Dr. M.E. Kirk Teaching Award and Staff Awards of Excellence 2020

Congratulations to the recipient of the Dr. M.E. Kirk Teaching Award, Dr. Rob Hammond, and the recipients of the 2020 London Pathology Associates (LPA) Staff Awards of Excellence.

The Dr. M.E. Kirk Teaching Award is given annually by the residents to a pathologist whom they feel best exemplifies dedication, excellence, availability, approachability, knowledge and mentorship in resident education. This year the award was presented to Dr. Rob Hammond.

The LPA Awards of Excellence are presented in recognition of exceptional mission focus, initiative, co-operation with others, positive attitude and personal character. This year’s awards were presented to Cheryl Campbell and Stephanie Abel.

Cheryl and Stephanie were both identified for their thoughtful dedication to the department. While there were numerous worthy nominations, Cheryl, Education Coordinator for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs, was acknowledged for having set an exceptionally high standard within the numerous education programs she oversees. Stephanie was recognized for her organized, thorough and conscientious approach to her role as Administrative Assistant.

Congratulations again to this year’s winners!