Research Project Catalogue


Analysis of tumor cellularity variance in simulated core needle biopsy specimens across resected lung cancer cases
Supervisor: Dr. Matthew Cecchini 2023

Anatomic variation of the superior horns of the larynx.
Supervisor: Dr. Mike Skhrum 2019

Assessing the concordance of gross and microscopic margins in pancreatic cancer resections: a retrospective cohort study from January 2013 to December 2022
Suprevisors: Drs. Matthew Cecchini and Chris Tran 2023

Best Practices in Online Pathology Education for Nursing Students: A Literature Review.
Supervisor: Dr. Candace Gibson 2018

Canada’s First Accredited Pathologists’ Assistant Graduate Program: A Self Study and Review.
Supervisors: Dr. Nancy Chan and members of the PA Education Committee 2014

Characterization of gingival fibromas amid other lesions of the gingiva.
Supervisors: Drs. Mark Darling and Douglas Hamilton 2021

Characterization of Gingival Fibromas.
Supervisors: Drs. Mark Darling, Douglas Hamilton and Zia Khan 2018

Characterizing and Comparing Brain Injury Associated with Traditional Self-Retracting Brain Retractors with Novel Tubular Retractors.
Supervisor: Dr. Robert Hammond 2021

Comparative Analysis of ChatGPT 4.0 and Pathologists' Assistants in Generating Gross Descriptions of Surgical Specimens
Supervisor: Dr. Matthew Cecchini 2023

Comparative Analysis of Normal and Neoplastic Human Mammary Epithelial Cells.
Supervisors: Drs. Nancy Chan and Zia Khan 2013

Comparative Expression Profiling of Kallikreins in Mucoepidermoid Carcinoma.
Supervisors: Drs. Mark Darling and Zia Khan 2012

Comparison of surgical pathology quality assurance measures at five Ontario hospitals.
Supervisor: Dr. Nancy Chan 2019

Creation of a computer-based learning resource of autopsy procedures.
Supervisor: Dr. Edward Tweedie 2012

Determining Perinatal Cause of Death at Autopsy: A Retrospective Review.
Supervisors: Drs. Aaron Haig and Nancy Chan 2012

Development and Implementation of a Mobile Assessment Tool for Pathologists’ Assistant Grossing Competency.
Supervisor: Dr. Michele Weir 2019

Development of a digital teaching library from autopsy sources.
Supervisors: Drs. Edward Tweedie and Bertha Garcia 2010

Development of a Novel Ultrasound Device to Detect Lymph Nodes in Colorectal Cancer Pathology Specimens
Supervisor: Drs. Matthew Cecchini and Subrata Chakrabarti

Development of an Educational Module for the Gross Assessment of Colorectal Cancer Resection Specimens.

Diabetic Metabolic Memory in Vascular Endothelial Cells.
Supervisor: Dr. Zia Khan 2013

Educational Value and Lessons Learned for Videos of Grossing Gynecological Pathology Specimens.
Supervisors: Drs. Meg McLachlin and Michele Weir 2016

Establishing an In Vitro Model of Salivary Gland Tumours.
Supervisors: Drs. Zia Khan and Mark Darling 2013

Examining the link between non-suicidal self-injury and suicide attempts in adolescents: An extensive review of the factors associated with suicidal behavior.
Supervisor: Dr. Gerald McKinley 2022

Fatal Craniocerebral and Vertebrospinal Injuries Caused by Low and High Falls.
Supervisors: Drs. Mike Shkrum and Qi Zhang 2022

Fixing formalin safety and specimen quality perceptions in the workplace.
Supervisor: Dr. Nancy Chan 2021

Grading of Total Mesorectal Excision Specimens: Assessment of Inter-rater Variation.
Supervisors: Drs. Jeremy Parfitt and David Driman 2015

Histological Characterization of the Ansa Cervicalis for Nerve Grafting.
Supervisor: Dr. Bret Wehrli 2020

Implementation of novel educational techniques in Pathologists’ Assistant (PA) graduate student/resident training.
Supervisors: Drs. Nancy Chan and Jose Gomez 2018

Impulsivity in Indigenous Suicide in Ontario, Canada.
Supervisor: Dr. Gerald McKinley 2018

Intra-departmental quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) program for pathologists’ assistants (PAs) in surgical pathology.
Supervisors: Drs. Jose Gomez and Keith Kwan 2015

Intraoperative Consultation: The Impact of Frozen Section Results on Patient Management at London Health Sciences Centre.
Supervisors: Drs. Bertha Garcia and Joanna Walsh 2019

Introduction to grossing using standardized simulated specimen models
Surpervisor: Dr. Matthew Cecchini 2023

Investigations of Monoclonal Plasma Cell Populations in association with Metastatic Carcinoma to Bone Marrow: A Case Report and Retrospective Study.
Supervisor: Dr. Chris Howlett 2011

Is Reflex Immunohistochemistry for Cytomegalovirus in Colonic Biopsies from Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease Warranted?
Supervisor: Dr. Bret Wehrli 2020

Isolated Angiitis of the Vasa Vasorum
Supervisor: Dr. Robert Hammond 2022

Juvenile mucoepidermoid carcinoma of the lung with p40 negativity
Supervisor: Dr. Matthew Cecchini 2023

LHSC breast sentinel lymph node protocol revisited: a quality improvement initiative.
Supervisors: Drs. Chris Armstrong, Helen Ettler and Cady Zeman-Pocrnich 2020

Lymph Node Dissection in Total Gastrectomy Specimens: A Retrospective and Prospective Institutional Review.
Supervisor: Dr. Joanna Walsh 2014

Measuring hospital mortality trends in Canada.
Supervisor: Dr. Candace Gibson 2009

More than just a blob? Using immunohistochemistry to decipher germ cell lineage.
Supervisor: Dr. Patti Kiser 2021

Neurodegenerative changes in brains in diabetic mice models.
Supervisor: Dr. Lee-Cyn Ang 2010

A neuropathological study of diffuse vascular injury in 5 case studies of fatal motor vehicle collisions.
Supervisors: Drs. Mike Shkrum and Qi Zhang 2020

North American survey of the use of Surgical Pathology Grossing Templates and their Application at London Health Sciences Centre.
Supervisors: Drs. Jose Gomez and Keith Kwan 2015

Pathologic resolution based on treatment of Grade II/III arteritis in post renal transplant biopsies.
Supervisors: Drs. Manal Gabril, Patrick Luke and Madeleine Moussa 2016

Pediatric Pathology Cases: Retrospective Review at London Health Sciences Centre for Training Purposes.
Supervisors: Drs. Nancy Chan and Aaron Haig 2014

Prevention of allograft rejection in heart transplantation through concurrent gene silencing of TLR and Kinase signaling pathways.
Supervisors: Drs. Weiping Min, Zhu-xu Zhang and Ziufen Zheng 2016

QA of immunohistochemical HER2/neu testing, direct comparison of two different antibody combinations.
Supervisors: Drs. Bret Wehrli and Alan Tuck 2010

Quality Management for the Autopsy Service – London Health Sciences Centre.
Supervisor: Dr. Mike Shkrum 2017

Quantitative Analysis of 6 months of Intraoperative Consultations at London Health Sciences Centre.
Supervisors: Drs. Bertha Garcia and Joanna Walsh 2019

Reasons for Submission of Placentas to Pathology: A Review with Diagnostic Correlation and Estimation of Clinical Impact
Supervisors: Drs. Helen Ettler, Nancy Chan and Emily Goebel 2023

Reflex Special Staining of Gastric Biopsies for the Detection of Helicobacter Pylori is Not Cost Effective
Supervisor: Dr. Bret Wehrli 2020

Regulation of Pancreatic Islets Following Ginseng Treatment
Supervisor: Dr. Subrata Chakrabarti 2011

Retrospective review of CSF White Blood Cell Count and Viral PCR Results. A Laboratory Utilization Initiative

Risk Management and the Autopsy; The Autopsy Checklist.
Supervisor: Dr. Mike Shkrum 2015

Role of Wnt Pathway in regulating infantile hemangioma stem cell phenotype.
Supervisors: Drs. Nancy Chan and Zia Khan 2016

Selective sampling versus entire submission of prostates from radical prostatectomies and cystoprostatectomies across Canada.
Supervisor: Dr. José Gomez 2020

Shroom3 deficiency and the effect on murine heart, kidneys, and gut development.
Supervisor: Dr. Patti Kiser 2019

Specificity of Lymph Nodes Identified Macroscopically from Colorectal Resection Specimens.
Supervisor: Dr. Matthew Cecchini 2022

Stem Cells in Primitive Odontogenic Lesions.
Supervisors: Drs. Mark Darling and Zia Khan 2018

Suitability of RNA Isolated from Archived Formalin-Fixed, Paraffin-Embedded Oral Dysplastic Lesions for Diagnosis of an HPV Etiology.
Supervisors: Drs. Mark Darling, Zia Khan and Christina McCord 2017

A Systematic Review of the Frequency of Sirolimus Based Adverse Drug Reactions in Liver and Kidney Transplant Recipients.
Supervisors: Drs. Michael Rieder, Bend and Chandok 2012

Telepathology using the Aperio system for pediatric neuropathology frozen sections: A quality assurance review.
Supervisor: Dr. Lee-Cyn Ang 2011

The Application of a Multi-Tissue Spring-Roll Control Block in Immunohistochemistry.
Supervisor: Dr. Bret Wehrli 2014

The Development of Case-Based Clinico-pathological Studies for a Pathology Graduate Course.
Supervisor: Dr. Candace Gibson 2011

The effect of using computed tomography as a supplemental tool in forensic post-mortem examination.
Supervisors: Drs. Michael Pickup and Art Poon 2018

The effectiveness of ProExC as a surrogate marker of high risk human papillomavirus infection in oral epithelial dysplasia: a pilot study.
Supervisor: Dr. Christina McCord 2017

The Pathology Tissue and Archive Committee:  its role in human tissue research.
Supervisors: Drs. Madeleine Moussa, Meg McLachlan and Robert Hammond 2015

The Profile of a Forensic Pathologists’ Assistant.
Supervisors: Drs. Nancy Chan and Keith Kwan 2017

The Profile of a Pathologists’ Assistant (PA) in North America.
Supervisors: Drs. Nancy Chan and Keith Kwan 2017

The prognostic significance of perineural invasion in prostatic core biopsies.
Supervisor: Dr. Manal Gabril 2015

The psychological autopsy method: Developing a post-mortem tool to assess adverse childhood experiences in Indigenous suicides.
Supervisor: Dr. Gerald McKinley 2021

To Add or Not to Add: Identifying Trends and Reasons for Submitting Additional Sections in Surgical Pathology and Implications for Gross Room Protocols and Turnaround Time.
Supervisor: Dr. Emily Goebel 2021

Typical and Atypical Pulmonary Carcinoids: Correlation between mitotic count, Ki-67 index and clinical outcome in 65 patients.
Supervisor: Dr. Mariamma Joseph 2009

Unexpected Findings in Appendectomy Specimens: LHSC Case Review of 1287 Patients.
Supervisor: Dr. Joanna Walsh 2022

Utility of a Synoptic Reporting Method for Grossing Colorectal Carcinoma.
Supervisors: Drs. David Driman and Meg McLachlan 2010

Utility of Special Stains and IHC in Autopsy Specimens.
Supervisor: Dr. Elena Tugaleva 2016

Virtual Pathology – The Digital Slide Box: A New Tool for Pathology Education.
Supervisor: Dr. Candace Gibson 2009

Youth Suicide Age- and Sex-related Trends In Ontario First Nations Communities: A Comparison.
Supervisor: Dr. Gerald McKinley 2017