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The Pathologists’ Assistant program is the first program of its kind accredited in Canada. Pathologists’ Assistants (PAs) are highly-trained health professionals who work under the supervision of a medically-qualified pathologist providing a broad range of services in anatomic pathology.

The extra technical skills brought to the laboratory by PAs standardize and enhance the overall quality in the practice of anatomic pathology. PAs assume major responsibility for the initial examination and dissection of all surgically removed tissues and, to a variable extent, for the dissection of bodies during post-mortem examination.


Minimum Financial Requirements
Change As of January 1, 2024, the minimum financial requirement for living expenses for new study permit applications is $20,635 for an individual student. Please see the Documents Required for a Study Permit Application section for more details.

New Study Permit Cap Announcement
The Canadian government recently announced a cap on new study permits for the next two years. For initial study permit applications submitted after January 22, 2024, undergraduate international students must now include an ‘attestation letter’ from the Ontario provincial government.

Current undergraduate and graduate students with valid study permits, as well as prospective Master’s and doctoral degree students, are exempt from this requirement.

Details about how to acquire the attestation letter will be provided to applicants when the process is finalized.

This content will be updated as new information becomes available.

If you have questions, please reach out to our International Student Advisors.

Further details and FAQs are available here: https://iesc.uwo.ca/visas/study_permits.html