For Teens


The diabetes team knows how tough it must be to manage diabetes and have other commitments like school, friends, and work. We’re always looking for ways to make things easier for you.
Did you know…
… you’re not alone. Two thirds of the patients we follow here at the Children’s Hospital are teens, just like you.
… only 5-10% of all diabetes is Type 1, the rest is mostly Type 2. Because it’s more common people normally know about Type 2. You’re in charge of teaching your friends and family about you, and how you work to manage your diabetes.
… it’s normal to have 2-3 mild low blood sugars/week. If you have too many you can lose awareness which can lead to more serious lows that go undetected.
… you’ll need to get a letter signed from your doctor when you go to get a driver’s license.
… you can talk to your diabetes team about birth control, and safe sex. Woman with diabetes have to be extra careful with pregnancy and managing blood sugar levels.


Check out this film that highlights teens living with type 1, and what they’ve learned and how they manage their day to day life:

Mark your calendars, and wear blue on Nov 14 to support world diabetes day. Find out what you can do:



Some organizations that hold events for older teens and adults in our community, and across Canada:


We’ve started a special clinic – our “TEEN” clinic that runs monthly at the hospital. Ask your doctor about attending this clinic. It’s a great way to learn some new information, and meet other teens that are working through the same things you are.
TRACC (Transition Readiness Adolescent Complications Clinic)
Learn about age related activities (risky behavior, school, work, living away from home).
• Develop skills necessary to navigate the adult care system
• Master diabetes skills and tasks routinely managed by parents
• Understand the relationship between lab results and the impact on future health
Also, check out this free teen app! It has lots of helpful tips and advice for managing diabetes and being a teen or young adult. Search in your app store:
Diabetes ID: Passport to Transition

Join the conversation and share your experience in moving from paediatric to adult care…
Ask your team about getting more involved in the T1D on-line community.

Have a story to share? Good, bad, or in-between, if there’s something you’ve learned that you think would help others we want to hear it! We’ll share here, without sharing any of your personal information. Email your team, or pass it along to us at a clinic visit.