As we gain a better understanding of genetics, the role of genetics in medicine increases. Genes are critical factors in the development of many common illnesses including heart disease, cancer and stroke and a key component of every aspect of health and illness. Of all of the discoveries in medical sciences in the twentieth century, perhaps the greatest innovation has been genetics and the application to human health.

The Medical Genetics Program of Southwestern Ontario is fully accredited by the Canadian College of Medical Geneticists as a major service centre and is located at the Children's Hospital, London Health Sciences Centre. Teaching is under the auspices of the University of Western Ontario and research conducted is related to the interests and expertise of the faculty. The program consists of physicians, genetic counsellors, researchers and support staff dedicated to providing specialized patient care services using the technologies of medical genetics. Active outreach programs are located in Windsor, Thunder Bay, Sault St. Marie and Kitchener.

The Program has expanded into several areas such as prenatal diagnosis, general genetics, metabolic genetics, cytogenetics, Outreach Program, molecular-based diagnostics and familial cancer genetics. Excellence in family-centered care, teaching and research are provided through an integrated collaborative approach that responds to the needs of the community.

The Team:

  • Dr. Victoria Siu, Section Head, Medical Genetics/Metabolism
  • Dr. Tugce Balci,  Medical Genetics/Metabolism
  • Dr. Natalya Karp, Medical Genetics/Metabolism
  • Dr. Angelica Moresco, Medical Genetics
  • Dr. Chitra Prasad, Medical Genetics/Metabolism
  • Dr. Maha Saleh, Medical Genetics/Metabolism
  • Ms. Heather Andrighetti, Genetic Counsellor
  • Ms. Susan Conacher, Genetic Counsellor
  • Ms. Carla Campagnolo, Genetic Counellor
  • Ms. Samantha Colaiacovo, Genetic Counsellor
  • Mr. Nolan D'Souza, Genetic Counsellor
  • Ms. Jennifer DiRaimo, Genetic Counsellor
  • Ms. Jacqueline Pierre Louis, Genetic Counsellor
  • Ms. Stephanie Ho, Genetic Counsellor
  • Ms. Melanie Napier, Genetic Counsellor
  • Ms. Salma Shickh, Genetic Counsellor
  • Ms. Jo-Anne Psiuk-Rodgers, administrative support
  • Ms. Angela Kerr, administrative support
  • Ms. Naomi Shelstad, administrative support
  • Ms. Rana El-Shourafa, administrative support
  • Ms. Janice Little, IODE Resource Associate


Children's Hospital - Medical Genetics for Children