Community Paediatrics


Community Paediatricians play a significant role in conjunction with Paediatric subspecialists in addressing the complex interdependent mission of the Department of Paediatrics to encompass patient care, teaching and research. The Community Paediatricians of London delivery specialized childcare to the children of London/Middlesex and surrounding communities within Southwestern Ontario through hospital-based consultative clinics.

Community Paediatrics plays an integral role in the multidisciplinary team approach to patient care. Our major function is to coordinate the care provided by all disciplines to ensure optimum child health care. Their involvement guarantees a smoother transition for the patient in the community.

The Team:

  • Dr. Syed Tariq Ahmed (Section Head)
  • Dr. Michelle Danby
  • Dr. Fabian Gorodzinsky
  • Dr. Asmaa Hussain
  • Dr. Jessica Jakobczyk
  • Dr. Paul Kerr
  • Dr. Michelle McNeill
  • Dr. Afzal Mohammed
  • Dr. Rohit Nagar
  • Dr. Ruksana Nasreen
  • Dr. Daisy Pavri
  • Dr. Maria Sottosanti
  • Dr. Liga Stare