Residents Section

Message from the Chief Residents

Welcome to Western University’s Paediatric Residency Program!

Thank you for your interest in joining our team. Our residency program is home to about 40 residents from the Pacific to the Atlantic coasts and across the globe.

Strengths of our program include a fantastic learning environment for all residents, plenty of research opportunities, exposure to many paediatric subspecialty disciplines and our world class paediatricians. Through their training at Western, our residents are provided with the tools necessary to thrive in careers of general paediatrics or subspecialty disciplines.

In particular, we emphasize early transition to senior, which helps our residents feel more competent on call and ready for independent practice at the end of their training. With our medium-sized program, we have first line exposure to interesting conditions and ample opportunities to hone procedural skills. Our program emphasizes strong neonatal and paediatric critical care foundations and this is fortified with mandatory sessions in our brand new Simulation Centre.

We see patients from communities surrounding London, to more remote communities in Northern Ontario. Our catchment area includes roughly 1.5 million paediatric patients from diverse backgrounds, which gives residents a great deal of experience in managing complex conditions.

For those applying to subspecialty, we allow electives early in the first year, which helps residents explore options and is a major part of our high match rate every year.

Most of all, we are proud of our collegial environment; staff, nurses and our allied health team are more like family and there is a huge amount of support between our senior and junior residents. You can genuinely feel that each and every staff is invested in our learning and success.

We hope you enjoy learning about our program and feel free to contact us with any questions! Looking forward to meeting you all!

Chief Residents
Department of Paediatrics