Taking CARO Business

Dr. Joanna Laba, Program Coordinator for Radiation Oncology is delighted to report that our current and former Radiation Oncology Residents have returned from a very successful Canadian Association of Radiation Oncology (CARO) conference.  Both our current and former residents fifteen posters were submitted and three oral presentations were made at the conference.     

We would like to congratulate the following residents on their notable achievements:

Dr. Wei Liu was the recipient of the Resident Book Award for Clinical Care and Epidemiology and also brought home the ACURA Award for his work on the advances in treatment of prostate cancer.

Dr. Chris Goodman received the CARO Book Award, given to those who address subject areas outside the medical expert domain in relation to the CANMEDS non-medical expert role.

Former residents, Dr. Mark Corkum, who was the recipient of the Best Resident Poster Presentation award, and Drs. Hanbo Chen and Tina Zhang who tied in the Fellows Competition for Best Presentation, continued to make our program proud.

Please take a moment to acknowledge and congratulate our residents and staff.  Thank you to everyone for their continued support of our residents’ research and educational endeavours.