About Us

Medical students sitting during White Coat ceremony

The Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry offers a four-year program leading to a Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree. Recognized for exceptional teachers and mentors, outstanding clinical education and a patient-centred curriculum, the program integrates social determinants of health, ecosystem health and leadership skills. The MD Program provides rural and regional training and operates within a research intensive environment where tomorrow’s physicians, dentists, and health researchers learn to be socially responsible leaders in the advancement of human health.


Our program will graduate competent, reflective, caring physicians educated with a broad general training. Our students are committed to the practice of medicine as professionals devoted to patient and family centered care, with a commitment to excellence through lifelong learning.

We will graduate tomorrow's physicians: mindful socially responsible leaders in the evolution of health care who are committed to improving health locally, regionally and globally.


The Undergraduate Medical Education Program at the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, Western University, commits to being a program of choice for exceptional education and learning. Our curriculum is delivered through a distributed model that supports innovation and quality.

Our students and faculty commit to a learning community embedded in:

  • Healthy patient and family centered care
  • Research, scholarship and evidence based decision making
  • Experiential learning
  • Social responsibility
  • Effective and collaborative leadership
  • Optimizing and understanding technology
  • Valuing life long learning
  • Collaboration
  • Professionalism

Diversity Statement

In keeping with your shared Values and based on the principles of diversity and equity defined in the policies of Western University we have adopted a definition of diversity which includes all facets and any differences which define how individuals perceive themselves. At the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, we commit to providing a welcoming and accommodating environment for all. We recognize that diversity is a source of strength which promotes a culture of excellence, innovation, flexibility and adaptability that thrives based on the contributions of all our members We accept, nurture, value and celebrate this diversity. Read more.

Class Mission Statements

Each year, as part of their orientation experience, our incoming first-year students work together to compose a mission statement for their class that reflects the vision of Schulich Medicine & Dentistry from a personal and professional perspective:

Meds 2027

With our peers we learn
With our patients we listen
With our communities we collaborate.
All for a healthier tomorrow.

Meds 2026

Advocating for holistic and equitable care, while serving patients with humility and integrity.

Meds 2025

With empathy we advocate
With compassion we serve
With purpose we learn

Meds 2024

Learning from adversity
Leading with humility
Listening with compassion

Meds 2023

Sharing knowledge,
Showing empathy,
Shaping stories.

Meds 2022

To listen and learn, treat bodies and minds, and stand for those we serve.

Meds 2021

Confident in our science and mindful of our humanity,
We will adapt to and shape the future of healthcare,
While finding balance in the practice of medicine.

Meds 2020

To engage our communities, advocate for the unseen and unheard, and advance medicine as compassionate leaders. To achieve our vision of total health, and above all, pursue our calling with integrity.

Meds 2019

We strive to understand pain, and to not pity the sufferer. We strive to accept our fallibility without doubting our expertise. In doing so, we hope to be worthy of the trust placed in us.

Meds 2018

We promise to listen and learn, to teach and lead, to help and heal, and be worthy of trust both today and tomorrow.

Meds 2017

Together we stand for our community, pursuing excellence through dedication, mastery through training, and compassion through care.

Meds 2016

Together, we strive to promote health,
serve as advocates, preserve human dignity,
and practice with humility.

Meds 2015

To be the doctors we would want to have: dedicated to learning, watchful over dignity, and worthy of trust.

Meds 2014

Compassion & integrity first.
Wisdom with humility always

Meds 2013

Honing the art,
Advancing the science,
Advocating for the individuals
and communities in our care,
We Serve

Meds 2012

To be ambassadors of health,
who care for our patients,
as we would our loved ones.

Meds 2011

With courage in our hearts
and knowledge in our minds
may we serve with compassion
as our lives meet those of our patients.

Meds 2010

To touch lives with compassion and integrity, always recognizing that we are the people we treat.

Meds 2009

To be a whole person
To see a whole person
To serve with integrity
To heal with humanity

Meds 2008

For those we help today and those who need us tomorrow, we dedicate ourselves to Medicine.

Meds 2007

To see through the eyes of those we serve, as we serve.


The physician graduating from the Schulich Medicine will possess the knowledge, skills and attitudes basic to all physicians such that they may satisfactorily proceed to further training in any area of the profession. We believe that the primary goal of a physician is to apply a sophisticated body of knowledge and skills to the solution of problems faced by people. In doing so, the graduate will be following a self-imposed set of standards that are morally responsible and will be able to analyse and solve problems in order to provide efficient and humane care.