Faculty Role Descriptions in the MD Program

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Role Descriptions

Academic Coaching Program

A cohort of 20-30 faculty willing to provide coaching for academic success if a student self identifies as needing an academic coach or a student has been identified by the Competence Committee as requiring academic coaching. The faculty member will meet regularly (minimum monthly) with individual students to review their academic progress and discuss strategies for success.

  • Duration: minimum monthly through the year or as required; 1:1 confidential relationship usually during undergraduate year 1-2.
  • MD Program Equivalent Teaching Hours: 5 hours per student

Contact: undergraduate.medicine@schulich.uwo.ca

Integrative Small Group (ISGL) Facilitator - 88 required

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A faculty member from any discipline who meets weekly with a group of 6 students over a semester to explore the full context of medicine (for example: ethics, social determinants of health, epidemiology, health care systems). The faculty member is an expert facilitator not a content expert. The students are expected to come prepared and to take responsibility for running the sessions. Sessions will be scheduled between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday. Facilitators will be required to review 1 student self-assessment, 2 formative assessments (early and mid-term), 1 final summative assessment and a group presentation assessment.

  • Duration: 9-20 weeks/semester, 2 hours weekly, plus 1 hour prep time
  • MD Program Equivalent Teaching Hours: 27-60 hours, variable by semester/year

Contact: isgl.admin@schulich.uwo.ca

Discipline Specific Small Group (DSSG) Facilitator - 50 required

This is a faculty member who meets with a group of 12-18 students for 3 or 4 sessions that explore discipline specific content and is recruited by the discipline lead rather than UME (e.g. Cardiology). The faculty member is an expert facilitator but also familiar with the discipline. While students are expected to come prepared and actively participate, the faculty member has a role in clarifying concepts. Faculty members may be asked to facilitate these sessions for 2 groups. These sessions could be scheduled any time between 8:30am and 5:30pm Monday to Thursday.

  • Duration: 3-4 weeks at a time; 2-4 hours weekly
  • MD Program Equivalent Teaching Hours: 2 hours per session plus 1 hour of prep time

Contact: undergraduate.medicine@schulich.uwo.ca

Experiential Learning Course (EXL)

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Research Module Project Supervisor - 100 required

A faculty member from any discipline who serves as the principal investigator on a research project which includes 1-4 MD students. The project can be in any area germane to physicianship and medicine, and the student(s) is/are expected to have an active role in data collection and analysis, with the ultimate goal of a poster presentation in the Spring of their 2nd year of the MD program. Research supervisors are expected to provide adequate supervision to support the students to complete a feasible, and meaningful project within the expected time frame. Supervisors are responsible for obtaining ethics approval, arranging necessary training for the project (where applicable), and plan monthly meetings with students over the course of the project.

  • Duration: 2 year commitment
  • MD Program Equivalent Teaching Hours: 20 hours

*Some faculty members may supervise multiple students or student groups across multiple classes.

Quality Improvement (QI) Project Advisor - 25 required

Faculty members will provide a group of approximately 6 students a real-life challenge or opportunity for improvement from your own practice setting. The students will analyze that problem, applying QI science to understand it, and to seek solutions to address root causes. Advisors will be responsible to orient the students to the opportunity, assist in engaging stakeholders, advise on data collection, and have regular meetings regarding the progress of the project. In the end, the student group will produce a quality improvement project proposal to address your identified opportunity. Although helpful, faculty members do not need previous QI experience to participate.

  • Duration: Oct– April; approximately 10-15 hours total

*Some faculty members may supervise multiple students or student groups across multiple classes.

Quality Improvement (QI) Project Grader - 5 required

Faculty members, using a provided rubric, will review and mark mid-term and final QI project presentations and provide feedback on the QI methodology and content. QI knowledge and experience is needed for this opportunity.

  • Duration: Twice per year in January and May
  • Approximately 3-4 hours total, including one orientation session

Longitudinal Clinical Experience (LCE Preceptor) – 140 required

A faculty member who will provide early exposure for first-year medical students to real patients in a generalist, primary care setting. The goal of the program is to provide an observership experience in a clinical setting to help prepare students for entering clerkship. Role modelling and mentorship will also be key outcomes of the LCE.

  • Duration: Minimum of 8 half days (or 4 full days) between October and the end of May

Contact: undergraduate.medicine@schulich.uwo.ca

Professionalism, Career & Wellness (PCW)

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Reflection Graders (Year 1 or 2) - 25 required

A faculty member who provides written narrative feedback on 4-10 student reflections, twice per year (November and April). The reflections should focus on a meaninful topic from within the PCW course and can be submitted in any format.

  • Duration: 4-20 hours/year

Small Group Facilitator (Year 3 and 4) - 26 required

A faculty member who guides a group of 5-8 students through years three and four of the longitudinal course supporting non-medical skills development of professional identity, personal wellness, and career success. Facilitators are expected to meet virtually 3-4 times in year 3 to facilitate case presentations and discussion. Facilitators will review and provide feedback on student journals, personal statement and student's CVs. They will also conduct mock interviews in year 4 (January/February) and provide meaningful feedback.

  • Duration: Two-year commitment; 30-35 hours - 3rd Year, 20 hours - 4th year
  • All PCW sessions take place on Thursday's between 2-5pm

Contact: undergraduate.medicine@schulich.uwo.ca

Faculty Grader

A faculty member / resident subject matter expert who assists Course Chairs with grading student assessments.

  • Duration: Variable; will be an ongoing need
  • Teaching credit total per assessment: calculated on a case-by-case basis

Contact: undergraduate.medicine@schulich.uwo.ca

Clinical Skills

The Clinical Skills course runs weekly throughout Years 1 & 2 of the program. This course examines the process of the doctor-patient interaction. Using a patient-centered approach, instruction is given in interviewing and physical examination. Clinical reasoning and decision making are explored through the Problem-Oriented Clinical Record. Professionalism and ethics are emphasized as they relate to the clinical setting.

Students are evaluated on their integration of knowledge, application of skills and development of appropriate attitudes. The course uses the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE), the formative TOSCE (teaching OSCE) and facilitator/SP feedback to enable students to master basic clinical and communication skills. 

For a description of the various course selections, an outline on facilitator time commitments/responsibilities, and details on how to sign up as a Clinical Skills facilitator, please click the button below.

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