Faculty FAQ

How do I apply for a faculty appointment?

Please contact Linda Gough for more information and/or submit the Clinical Faculty Application Form.

How do I contact the students that are booked for teaching with me?

Students can only be reached by email. The Program Coordinator will send you the email of each student assigned to you for teaching. The students are also asked to contact you at least 2 weeks before their arrival to discuss reporting instructions.

What do I tell my patients regarding the students?

Patients should be advised in advance that a student will be in the office. Faculty are encouraged to develop a policy in their office for students seeing patients and information for patients.

How do I introduce students in my office?

Introduce them as a medical student and not as a Dr. Students are also encouraged to introduce themselves to patients.

What student documents will be responsible for reviewing/completing?

This will vary depending on the teaching but most courses only require you to complete a final evaluation.

What do I do if a student doesn’t show up?

Please call the Program Coordinator as soon as possible. The students are advised to notify the Department as well, but as a backup it is best to hear from physician office as well.

Who do I contact if I have a particular concern with a student?

Please email the Program Coordinator, Michele Vanderspank to follow-up. If by phone, please call 519.661.2111 ext. 86683.

What happens if I confirmed a placement but have since found out I will be ill, on holiday, unexpected absence?

Please contact the Program Coordinator as soon as possible, so alternate arrangements can be made for the student rotation. The sooner the Department is notified that more chance we have in rescheduling the students, as some of these placements are core rotations that need to take place in the allotted time period.

How much will I get paid for teaching students?

Payment for teaching varies, but the majority of our teaching opportunities do have payment stipends included. For example, lectures, clinical methods, electives, clerkship all have stipends for faculty. Please contact the Program Coordinator for more information.

How can I make my practice more appealing to students?

We advertise community sites on our webpage, where students can review and choose their most preferred locations. A more robust, detailed description of your practice and what your special interests are, will benefit the student in tailoring their time with you based on their own learning interests. If you would like to update your page, please contact the Program Coordinator.

Are there faculty awards given out each year?

Yes, students are able to nominate faculty and residents. See awards page for more information.

How do I get involved in year 1 & 2 teaching?

Please see the faculty page under Year 1&2 for more information.

What if the placement is over the holidays (Christmas or March Break)? What is the policy for time off?

Rotations that fall within these 2 holidays become 7 week rotations, not 6 to accommodate for the extra week off. For Christmas holiday period, the week of Christmas Day or NewYears will fall during the 4 week or 2 week rotations. Students are asked to contact you well in advance of rotation date to arrange what week they want off. If your office is closed for 1 week during the holidays, the student will have to be off the same period and not an alternate week, to still fulfill the 4 week requirement. For March Break, it will fall during 4 week or 2 week rotation. It is automatically the March Break set by the UME office, unless it conflicts with your scheduling. Again, It is at the discretion of the faculty member as to what week the student will have off.

Where can I view all teaching options for Undergrad?

Please visit the Faculty page.