February 2015 Research and Publications

Recent Publications – Journal Articles

Webster F, Rice K, Dainty KN, Zwarenstein M, Durant S, Kuper A.  Failure to cope: the hidden curriculum of emergency department wait times and the implications for clinical training. Acad Med. 2015 Jan;90(1):56-62.


Harris SB, Green ME, Brown JB, Roberts S, Russell G, Fournie M, Webster-Bogaert S, Paquette-Warren J, Kotecha J, Han H, Thind A, Stewart M, Reichert S, Tompkins JW, Birtwhistle R.  Impact of a quality improvement program on primary healthcare in Canada: A mixed-method evaluation. Health Policy. 2014 Nov 5.


Ward-Griffin C, Brown JB, St-Amant O, Sutherland N, Martin-Matthews A, Keefe J, Kerr M. Nurses Negotiating Professional-Familial Care Boundaries: Striving for Balance Within Double Duty Caregiving. J Fam Nurs, 2014 Dec 22


Paquette-Warren J, Naqshbandi Hayward M, Tompkins JW, Harris SB. Time to Evaluate Diabetes and Guide Health Research and Policy Innovation: The Diabetes Evaluation Framework (DEFINE). The Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation. 29(2):1-20, 2014.

Shadd JD, Ryan BL, Maddocks HL, McKay SD, Moulin DE. Neuropathic pain in a primary care electronic health record database.  European Journal of Pain.  2014 Dec


Yıldırım-Yenier Z, Vingilis E, Wiesenthal DL, Mann RE, Seeley J.  High risk driving attitudes and everyday driving violations of car and racing enthusiasts in Ontario, Canada. Traffic Inj Prev. 2015 Jan 8:0.


Vingilis E, Roseborough JE, Wiesenthal DL, Vingilis-Jaremko L, Nuzzo V, Fischer P, Mann RE. Experimental examination of the effects of televised motor vehicle commercials on risk-positive attitudes, emotions and risky driving inclinations. Accid Anal Prev. 2014 Nov 25;75C:86-92. 2014.11.008.


Stuckey MI, Tulppo MP, Kiviniemi AM, Petrella RJ. Heart rate variability and the metabolic syndrome: a systematic review of the literature. Diabetes Metab Res Rev. 2014 Nov;30(8):784-93.


Knight E, Petrella RJ. Prescribing physical activity for healthy aging: longitudinal follow-up and mixed method analysis of a primary care intervention.  Phys Sportsmed. 2014 Nov;42(4):30-8.


VanUm S, Hurry M, Petrella RJ, Koch C, Dranitsaris G, Lacroix A. Management of Patients with Cushing’s disease: A Canadian Cost of Illness Analysis. Journal of Population Therapeutics and Clinical Pharmacology 2014;21(3):e508-517. Epub 2014Nov28.


Funding Awarded

Principal Investigator: R. Petrella

Title: The Multi-Modal, Mind-Motor Exercise Study

Agency: St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation

Amount: $14,975 (January to December 2015)