Archived Zoom Faculty Development Sessions


Wednesday, June 24

Scholar / Researcher Series: How to Effectively Help Residents with their Research Projects

Wednesday, May 27

Scholar / Researcher Series:  Exploring a Western Family Medicine Practice-Based Research Network

Wednesday, January 29
Leader Series:  How to Maximize the Potential of an EMR to Improve Patient Outcomes

Wednesday, November 13
Leader Series:  How to Build High Functioning Teams

Wednesday, October 23
Leader Series:  Quality Improvement: Practice Improvement Essentials

Wednesday, September 25
Teacher/Educator Series: The Longitudinal Clinical Experience in Family Medicine

Wednesday, June 26
Teacher Series: Needs Assessments: What do I need to know


Wednesday, May 29
Researcher Series: Quality Improvement as Scholarly Activity

Wednesday, April 24
Leadership Series: Keep Calm and Accredit On

Wednesday, February 27
Researcher Series – Ethics Submissions: What you need to know to submit your next application