Celebrating the commitment of faculty, staff and students

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Beginning in September 2013, a new initiative will be launched at the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry which celebrates the commitment of our people and the tremendous work that they do in supporting the community through volunteer commitments on their own, or through groups and programs at the School or University.

Entitled Celebrating our Commitment to the Community, it will profile individuals, groups and programs. We will be writing stories, developing posters, creating visix slides and much more as way to share your stories and highlight your work as well as the work of numerous organizations across the community in Southwestern Ontario and around the world.

We will also be creating a pictorial calendar for 2014, which will include images of the artwork and photography many of you undertake. We believe that these great talents should be profiled as well, as they serve to enhance and enrich the beauty of the communities in which we live.

You can tell us about your commitment to the community by sending us a short email with your name, the organization that you support and a short two to three sentence about what it means to you and the impact you are making. Please send the email to comms@schulich.uwo.ca. You have the whole month of July to send your stories. Sending them sooner, of course, would be greatly appreciated.

If you would like to send an image for the pictorial calendar, please send a jpg of the image along with a short description of the piece. There is a limit to one submission per person. We are pleased to be working on the calendar with two members of our School who are known for their artistic abilities: Dr. Maria Drangova and Syliva Mioduszewski. They will help to review all submssions and assist us in pulling together something that is truly representative of the artistic spirit of the people across our School.

You can also send your submission by August 30 to comms@schulich.uwo.ca

We will continue to send reminders during the summer about this initiative using This Week@Schulich. Please share the information with your team, and join us in celebrating the commitment to the community.