HealtheSteps™ Program & Funding Update

The HealtheSteps (HeS) Research Program (PI: Dr. Robert Petrella) has continued to grow across BC and Canada since launch in September 2020. HeS is currently being delivered as a free, virtual, 6-month healthy lifestyle program providing adults (18+) with a specific plan of action to improve their PA levels and reduce their sedentary behaviour; increase their exercise levels; improve their eating habits; and improve their mental wellbeing. This is achieved through personalized coaching, grounded in the principles of Co-Active coaching and supported by innovative health technologies, hands-on training, and widely available health promotion resources and tools. Coaches are trained through asynchronous and synchronous learning and certified to deliver the program to individuals looking to make changes to their lifestyle.

Program Updates are available here.

Participants can join via self-referral or referral from a health care provider. Participants can sign up through our website:

For any further questions or inquires please email: