Postgraduate Program Report

Community Site Profiles: We will be emailing our family medicine faculty shortly to ask if there are any updates to their community site profiles. Please go to the Postgraduate Community Site Profiles page and search by name or location to review profiles. Please email and let us know if there are any changes to the description of your practice.

Assessments: With December holidays approaching, we wanted to take a moment to remind our preceptors and residents to complete their One45 to-do items. If you’ve forgotten your One45 password, click “Need help logging in?” on log-in page and enter your UWO email address. Check your UWO email for password reset instructions. If you cannot remember your UWO email password, follow the following steps to reset your password:

  1. Call Western Technology Services (WTS) Helpdesk at 1-519-661- 3800
  2. Select option 1 for Western Staff/Faculty support
  3. Select option 2 for Computer Accounts Office
  4. The WTS Computer Accounts staff will ask for your Western employee number, date of birth, last 4 numbers of your Social Insurance Number (SIN), and/or your home address to verify your identity. This is important because this login gives an individual access to your Human Resources data
  5. Please have a computer handy, as they will ask you to access the Western Identity Manager webpage and will walk you through the next steps.

If you have not done so, we would recommend forwarding your @uwo email account to one that you regularly use. The instructions for that are available here:

Program Recruitment Events: The annual career night for medical students hosted by the Learner Experience office took place in a virtual format on September 29. We also hosted two virtual CaRMS information session on October 7 and November 11. We had over 300 students attend to listen to our Site Directors and Program Directors describe our program. The attendees had some great questions, especially regarding the learning experiences at our core teaching sites across South Western Ontario! Recordings of the Information Sessions are posted on our website.

CaRMS Interviews:  CaRMS interviews will proceed in a virtual format in 2021. The CaRMs national interview period is: March 8-28, 2021. Stay tuned for more information.