PGY3 program in office based procedures

The Department is looking to develop a new office-based procedural medicine PGY3 program in Family Medicine-Enhanced Skills. We are looking for preceptors who are engaged and willing to take on residents. The program will target family physicians who wish to increase their proficiency in office based procedures. If you are interested, or know of someone who would be interested in this new program, please contact Dr. Daniel Grushka.

The scope of procedures we are looking to enhance, would be to increase proficiency in:

1) skin disease from simple to complex biopsy and excision
2) Joint injection including: a) upper limb - shoulder, elbow and wrist b) lower limb - hip, knee and plantar facia c) back and spine
3) rigid sigmoidoscopy + procoscopy
4) IUD and endometrial biopsy
5) vasectomy
6) wound healing
7) lumbar puncture
8) thorocentesis
9) paracentesis