Chair's Message

Welcome back from your summer break. Near the end of the last academic year we received a report from Deloitte on a Governance and Financial review of the Department of Family Medicine that we had commissioned. We wanted the review to assure ourselves and others that we had the right governance and financial structures in place to meet our obligations in the future. Our department has grown substantially and our partners are now more widely distributed than ever before.

I am pleased to bring you a high-level description of the recommendations arising from the review, each linked to guiding principles. While there are challenges ahead there are also opportunities.

1. Align with Schulich's long-term goals: This is a timely principle as Schulich is just commencing a review of their strategic plan. By focusing on similar goals as Schulich generally we are as assured of support and resources as possible.

2. Foster stable and constructive partnerships: We are widespread throughout southwestern Ontario and work with many different parties through education and research. We need to recognize those partnerships that help us with this work and strengthen them.

3. Promote transparency and visibility: We need to focus on this by improving our communication abilities throughout our department, utilizing our technology, and making sure our message is being heard.

4. Formalize accountability within faculty: There is a need for us to focus on our core functions as a department and ensure that these are being met.

5. Increase diversity of representation on decision-making process: We need to be sure that all factions of our department are informed and have an opportunity to inform decisions. Department committees need to be restructured and aligned to the same goals.

I look forward to working with you all as we digest this report and strive to define the opportunities ahead, that will keep our department moving forward and a strong force within Schulich, Western, and beyond. As always I welcome your feedback at