News: Full survey accreditation November 24 – 29

Our Family Medicine Residency Program is undergoing a formal full survey accreditation visit by the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) November 24 – 29, 2019. We require the participation of faculty, residents and staff. Please continue reading for further details.


Accreditation occurs November 24 – 29, 2019. Two to three members of the survey team will be visiting each of our core sites and enhanced skills programs on Tuesday and Wednesday of that week. Emails have been sent with further details to all involved.

  • Residents, please book the time off with your rotation preceptor if you are not on rotation at your FM home centre. If you are >35kms from your home centre, you will use videoconference to attend the meeting remotely
  • We will coordinate with your Site Director/PGY Director and Site Administrator to determine specific times/videoconference details (details sent shortly).



Accreditation involves the participation of the following.

  • Site Director
  • Site Administrator(s)
  • PGY 1,2, and 3 Family Medicine Residents
  • Faculty Members



  • Accreditation is “a voluntary process of quality assurance and quality improvement supported by the faculties (schools) of medicine at  Canadian universities. All family medicine residency programs in Canada are accredited by the CFPC on an 8-year cycle with a focus on continuous quality improvement.” The program will be compared against a national set of standards maintained by the CFPC, The Standards of Accreditation for Residency Programs in Family Medicine.
  • During the Site Visit, the survey team would like to meet with you in groups (Site Director, Program Administrator(s), Residents, Residency Teachers) to discuss your thoughts on the program. There should be no surprises during accreditation and please share your thoughts/ideas with your Site Director/Enhanced Skills Director before accreditation.



Accreditation occurs mainly at the Western Centre for Public Health and Family Medicine; however, the survey team will visit you at:

  • Our 12 Core Family Medicine Sites (London Urban sites, Mt. Brydges, Ilderton, Strathroy, Hanover, Chatham-Kent, Petrolia, Windsor, Goderich, Stratford.
  • Our PGY3 Program Sites (COE, FM/EM, PC, SEM, Category 2)


The purpose of accreditation:

  • Ensures quality of residency education across Canada
  • Provides and evaluation against expectations
  • Furthers quality improvement of residency program
  • Identifies program strengths and areas for improvement


How to Prepare

  • Be familiar with our program (for instance, residency requirements, assessment tools (e.g. MyFM, One45, field notes, policies, periodic review forms). Please see our website for more information.
  • Site to meet as a group to discuss site strengths and challenges (Site Director/PGY3 Director and Site Administrator to assist)