Family Medicine Grand Rounds with Dr. Zayna Khayat

Join us on Wednesday, September 4 from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m. for Family Medicine Grand Rounds in the Western Centre for Public Health and Family Medicine Building, Room 1150. Dr. Zayna Khayat will present, The Future of Health.

An unprecedented amount of change is coming to our health system in this era of democratization, digitization and fiscal constraint. However our systems of healthcare were designed some 150 years ago and were not built, nor groomed to adapt to change at this scale. Dr. Zayna Khayat, Future Strategist with SE Health, will explore how consumer pull, outdated/unsustainable business models, and emerging digital tools are accelerating the shift towards the future of health(care); and what steps we can take now to accelerate the path to this future. Equal parts hustle, spirit and vision, here is Dr. Zayna Khayat.

Learning Objectives:

1. Understand the forces and shifts that are propelling health(care) to a future that is fundamentally different than what it has been for the last 150 years
2. Explore inspiring examples of health organizations around the world and in Canada that are embracing these shifts and creating the future of health … instead of protecting the past.
3. Reflect on how you / your unit / your organization should be evolving in light of the shifts, opportunities and threats that are imminent.


Zayna Khayat is Future Strategist with SE Health (formerly, Saint Elizabeth Health Care) a health and social impact enterprise with a major focus on creating a better future for aging adults in their homes and communities. Zayna is Faculty of Singularity University’ Exponential Medicine stream, and is adjunct faculty in the Health Sector Strategy stream at the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto. Dr. Khayat was previously the lead of health system innovation at MaRS Discovery District, a health innovation hub in Toronto, Canada. In 2017 she was seconded to the REshape Innovation Centre at Radboud university medical centre in the Netherlands. Zayna completed her Ph.D. in diabetes research from the University of Toronto (2001), followed by a career in strategy consulting, including as a Principal in the healthcare practice of The Boston Consulting Group (BCG). She currently resides in Toronto with her husband and three children and is proficient in French and Arabic languages.

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