Pavel Roshanov, MD MSc FRCPC


Pavel S. Roshanov MD MSc FRCPC

Cross-Appointed Assistant Professor


  • Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine, Division of Nephrology
  • Cross-Appointed Assistant Professor in the Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics
  • Staff Nephrologist, London Health Sciences Centre – University Hospital
  • Scientist, Lawson Health Research Institute, London, ON
  • Investigator, Population Health Research Institute, Hamilton, ON

Research Cluster Membership

Short Bio

I am a clinical epidemiologist and medical specialist in kidney disease and kidney transplantation. Patients with kidney failure are among those with the highest risk of heart disease, stroke, infections, bleeding, and overall frailty. They are more prone to, for example, a lung infection or a hip fracture, and have more complications after such events. At the same time, they are either poorly represented or entirely excluded from most studies that guide medical practice. Expanding research to patients with severe kidney disease and kidney failure would better inform their care.

I am always looking to work with other researchers, graduate and undergraduate students, and medical trainees on projects that can inform the care of patients with kidney disease or that improve research methodology.

My primary areas of focus currently involve:

  • Preventing bleeding and transfusion during and after surgery, and especially in people with kidney failure where blood transfusion may delay access to kidney transplantation
  • Reducing the risk of medical complications in the weeks to months after surgery
  • Reducing chronic inflammation in patients with kidney disease to prevent cardiovascular events
  • Imputation of missing data in continuous-by-continuous in

In collaboration with hundreds of investigators around the world, I am actively involved in:

  • Randomized controlled trials
  • Prospective observational studies
  • Development and evaluation of clinical prediction models
  • Evaluation of biomarkers
  • Systematic reviews with meta-analysis or qualitative synthesis
  • Statistical programming and simulation


  • BSc, University of Waterloo 2009
  • MD, Western University 2016
  • MSc Health Research Methodology, McMaster University 2011
  • FRCPC Internal Medicine, McMaster University 2020
  • FRCPC Nephrology, Western University 2021
  • Fellowship, Kidney Transplantation, McMaster University 2022