Kaylee Tung


e. Tsan-Hua.Tung@lhsc.on.ca


Kaylee Tung is a quality improvement coordinator who joined CQuInS in May 2022. She graduated from Purdue University in 2021 with a PhD in Industrial Engineering, where her research focused on therapeutic drug monitoring and administration process for vancomycin. She worked with clinicians in the Children’s Hospital in Wisconsin, to identify gaps in the integration between clinical workflows and the information technology system. She also leveraged data from both the Electronic Health Record and smart infusion pump event logs, to discover insights in the infusion administration process that would otherwise be difficult to study at scale, through traditional observation methods. 

Prior to her graduate study, she worked in the semiconductor manufacturing industry as a R&D engineer where she improved the reliability of final products and reduced cycle time for defects examination through system thinking. The work nurtured her passion for improving processes and systems in complex environments.

She is excited to learn more about and apply QI methodologies to improve quality and patient safety in care delivery. She enjoys working with data as well as people from different backgrounds to achieve the same goal.