April 2019 Newsletter

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    Faculty members named Alumni of Distinction

    Congratulations to Antonios Mamandras, Gordon Payne, Jane Rylett and Penny Thornton who have been named as 2019 Alumni of Distinction at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry. They will be recognized during the 2019 Homecoming celebrations along with Sean Bendall, Richard Hawkins and Danyaal Raza.

  • decorative imageResearch collaborations funded through Seed Grant program
    Six new interdisciplinary research teams have received funding from the Collaborative Research Seed Grants (CRSG) program at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry. The intent of the grants is to promote new collaborations that build on different scientific and scholarly backgrounds, to facilitate breakthroughs in solving research questions in a collaborative manner.

  • decorative imageGovernment of Canada supports HockeyFIT expansion across Canada
    The Public Health Agency of Canada will invest up to $2.5 million over three-and-a-half years to help expand the Hockey Fans in Training (Hockey FIT) program across the country. This program, which was founded by Dr. Rob Petrella, aims to motivate Canadian adult males to eat healthier foods and become more physically active by incorporating participants’ passion for hockey into the initiative.

  • decorative imageSchulich Dentistry accreditation update
    Schulich Dentistry graduate and postgraduate programs are reviewed for accreditation by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada (CDAC). All four programs are accredited, and the School is now working on meeting recommendations made by the CDAC.

  • decorative imageIntroducing the 12 MD Program Entrustable Professional Activities
    With the launch of the renewed MD Curriculum in September 2019, the Association of the Faculties of Medicine of Canada Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs) will be integrated into the new four-year curriculum. Learn more about the EPAs, and find out which of your colleagues is on the task force.

  • decorative imageSenate approves changes to Internationally Trained Dentists Program
    On March 15, Western’s Senate approved changes to the School’s ITD Program from the current two-year format to a three-year format beginning in 2020/2021.

  • decorative imageChanges to upcoming student reading weeks
    Effective September 1st, 2019, Fall Reading Week will be scheduled to begin on the third Monday after Thanksgiving and end at midnight on the subsequent Sunday. As a result, the Senate has also approved a new Structure of the Academic year to encompass that each term is twelve weeks in length, comprising of at least 60 lecture days.

  • decorative imageCelebrating your Achievements
    Congratulations to Matthew Cecchini, Lauren Cipriano, Lorelei Lingard, Janet Martin, Andrew Pruszynski and others for their achievements this month.

  • decorative imageCommitment to Community: Building awareness and promoting physical activity
    Dr. Steven Macaluso recently traveled to Scotland with the national wheelchair curling team, serving as their doctor.

  • decorative imageStudent Profile: Accessible Medics
    A large population of Canadians hesitate when picking up the phone to call 911 in a medical emergency because they aren’t sure how they are going to pay the ambulance fee. Working as a volunteer first responder for St. John’s Ambulance, BMSc student Kevin Zhou witnessed this first hand here in London, and committed to doing something to help.

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    3D ultrasound gives clinicians a clearer picture to guide treatment for gynaecological cancer.

  • decorative imageDistributed Education: Teen campers across Southwester Ontario learn about careers
    Join us for Discovery Week and help give aspiring physicians an opportunity to engage with your community.

  • decorative imageResident Spotlight: Dr. Lauren Riggen, PGY 4, Psychiatry
    Dr. Lauren Riggen, PGY4 Psychiatry, loves being a resident and have the opportunity to learn, teach and care for patients.

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    This past month, a number of donations and sponsorship investments were made in support of scholarships, research, the Schulich Fund and the See the Line event.

  • Media release highlights research that ICU patients with non-brain-related injuries may suffer undetected cognitive dysfunction
    This month, a media release was shared that highlighted research which found that most patients entering hospital intensive care units for non-brain-related injuries or ailments also suffer from some level of related cognitive dysfunction that currently goes undetected in most cases.

  • A decade of laughter and sharing smiles
    Sharing Smiles Day, which celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2019, is an informative day where the attitudinal barriers between dental students and persons with special needs are removed and positive relationships fostered.

  • Improving outcomes for fracture clinic patients
    The fracture clinic in London, Ontario is a bustling place, with surgeons and trainees often seeing more than 70 patients each day. The busy clinic presents a range of challenges for health care workers, creating opportunities for academic surgeons like Dr. Emil Schemitsch to ask important research questions and hunt for answers.

  • Refresh your branded templates
    Branded templates for your e-signature, powerpoint slides, letterhead and more are available for you to use. If you haven’t updated your templates in a while, branding kits are now available for you.

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    Wondering how to integrate social media into your academic work? This workshop will answer your questions and share tips and best practices. Register for the session on June 6.

  • decorative imageTips & Tricks
    Thinking about an event? The Communications & Marketing team is here to help, and have put together a full list of tips and tricks for your planning.

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    Awards of Excellence, See the Line, Homecoming and more. Learn about upcoming events and RSVP today.