New Website Request

To create a new website for your departments/divisions/units, please contact with your request. Your request and website sitemap will need to be approved prior to opening an ITS ticket.

Homepage Layout Options

We recommend the following two layout options:

  • Three-column with mid-section
    Example: Schulich Medicine & Dentistry main homepage

    Features (in addition to those above):
    >Mid-section – appearing below the three columns, to highlight additional content - Eg. Our People, Forms and Documents etc.

  • Two-column with image grid
    Example: Communications & Marketing homepage

    >Six-image grid – to highlight key areas and/or programs, this section is flexible and can be customized; consider your audiences (who is visiting your website and for what purpose?)
    >Right sidebar – this section is flexible and can be customized, but we do recommend displaying the Schulich Medicine & Dentistry events calendar, which is pulled by RSS feed to your website
Each homepage must also include the “Connect with Us” section at the bottom of the page. If your department maintains its own official and approved social media account(s), you can link to your account(s). Otherwise, the School’s Twitter and Facebook accounts are the default.