Blume-Girvin Lecture in Epilepsy

Dr. Warren Blume and Dr. John Girvin

Each fall, the Department of Clinical Neurological Sciences, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, Western University, hosts The Blume-Girvin Lecture in Epilepsy, in recognition of the innovative efforts of its Epilepsy Program’s founders, Dr. Warren T. Blume, neurologist and epileptologist, and Dr. John P. Girvin, neurosurgeon and neurophysiologist. The inaugural Blume-Girvin Lecture took place in October of 2016.

In the 1970s, Drs. Blume and Girvin recognized that the complexities of treating epilepsy required effective collaboration between the divisions of Neurology and Neurosurgery. The term “medically-intractable epilepsy” had not yet been coined, but Drs. Blume and Girvin recognized its existence and the need for a team approach to treatment. They led a team of individuals to establish one of the first Epilepsy programs in Canada—and the first in Ontario—in 1977. The Program has since trained dozens of neurologists and neurosurgeons in the field of epilepsy and is renowned world-wide for its highly-qualified team of professionals. Comprised of neurologists, neurosurgeons, nurses, psychologists, EEG technologists, neuropathologists, neuroradiologists, and neurophysiologists, this dedicated team strives for excellence in the management of epilepsy.

Dr. Warren Blume has been recognized as an outstanding EEG and Epilepsy researcher by the American Epilepsy Society, the Canadian League Against Epilepsy, and the International League Against Epilepsy. He was made an Officer of the Order of Canada in 2012.

Dr John Girvin’s contributions to the field of epilepsy surgery have been recognized by Western University, the Canadian Neurosurgical Society, and The Royal College of Surgeons of Canada.

The Blume-Girvin Lecturer is an individual of international reputation who is recognized for their contribution to Epilepsy Care, particularly Epilepsy Surgery, and whose work is reflective of the principles and values articulated by Drs. Blume and Girvin: following evidence-based practice, putting patient care first, and showing patients the best care physicians can provide.

The Blume-Girvin Lecture Series seeks to share new insights and innovation in the fields of epilepsy surgery and treatment, continuing the work initiated by these two remarkable neuroscientists, clinicians, researchers, and educators.

2022 Blume-Girvin Lecturer

Dr. Jaideep Kapur


The Epilepsy Program at the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, Western University is pleased to announce that Dr. Jaideep Kapur will present the 2022 Blume-Girvin Lecture in Epilepsy.

Jaideep Kapur MBBS, PhD, is the Eugene Meyer III Professor of Neuroscience & Neurology and the Brain Institute Director at the University of Virginia. Dr. Kapur is a clinician investigator whose laboratory studies the neurobiological mechanisms underlying status epilepticus and neuronal circuits active during seizures. He was a leader of ESETT, an NIH-supported 60-site, randomized, blinded, comparative effectiveness study of three drugs for status epilepticus.  Dr. Kapur served as the President of the American Epilepsy Society in 2010 and on the editorial boards of journals Neurology, Annals of Neurology, Experimental Neurology, Epilepsy Research, Epilepsy Currents, and multiple NIH review panels. He received the  Epilepsy Research Recognition Award for Basic Science conferred by the American Epilepsy Society, the Ambassador For Epilepsy Award from the International League against Epilepsy, and the Jacob Javits Award from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.

Lecture Title: Status Epilepticus Treatment
Date: Tuesday, October 11, 2022, 8:00 - 9:30 a.m.
Location: Auditorium A, University Hospital, and via Zoom.
Learning Objectives:

  1. Recognize the adverse impact of generalized convulsive status epilepticus.
  2. Initial treatment with Benzodiazepines: why timing, dose, and route matter
  3. Second-line therapies
  4. Treatment of refractory and super refractory status epilepticus

Past Lectures:

2021 - Dr. Christoph Helmstaedter

Associate Professor, Medical Faculty of the University of Bonn, Germany.
"Epilepsy Surgery:  What can we expect in regard to cognition?"

2020 - Dr. James T. Rutka

RS McLaughlin Professor and Chair, Department of Surgery, University of Toronto
"The Evolution of Epilepsy Surgery Techniques: The Hospital for Sick Children Experience"

2019 - Dr. Solomon L. Moshe

Charles Frost Chair in Neurosurgery and Neurology, Professor of Neurology, Neuroscience, and Pediatrics,
Albert Einstein College of Medicine/Montefiore Medical Center
"Kindling and Rekindling the “Truths” in Epilepsy"

2018 - Dr. Dennis Spencer 

Professor and Chair, Neurosurgery 
Department of Neurosurgery, Yale University School of Medicine
"The Role of Surgery and Technology in Focal Epilepsy & its Comorbidities"

2017 - Dr. Samuel Wiebe

Professor, Neurology
Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary
President, International League Against Epilepsy
"Precision Medicine in Epilepsy"
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Watch here.

2016 - Dr. Phillipe Kahane

Professor, Neurology
Centre Hospitalier Universitarie Grenoble Aples
University Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, France
“Stereo-electroencephalography:Origins and current state of art”

Dr. Warren Blume, Professor Emeritus, Dr. John Girvin, Professor Emeritus, Dr. Dennis Spencer, Harvey and Kate Cushing Professor and Chair of the Department of Neurosurgery at the Yale University School of Medicine, and Dr. Jorge Burneo and Dr. David Steven, Co-Directors of the Epilepsy Program, at the 2018 Blume-Girvin Lecture in Epilepsy "The Role of Surgery and Technology in Focal Epilepsy & its Comorbidities".



Dr. David Steven, Co-Director of the Epilepsy Program, Dr. Warren Blume, Professor Emeritus, Dr. Samuel WiebeAssociate Dean for Clinical Research at the University of Calgary and Dr. Jorge Burneo, Co-Director of the Epilepsy Program, at the 2017 Blume-Girvin Lecture in Epilepsy "Precision Medicine in Epilepsy."