Applying to the Scholar's Electives Program

High-achieving students who are applying for admission to Medical Sciences First Entry and are interested in an unique undergraduate experience, are encouraged to consider the Scholar's Electives Program. The Scholar's Electives (SE) program involves an interdisciplinary SE course in first year (in addition to the regular load of 5.0 courses), 1.0 SE research course in each of Years 2 and 3 (included in the regular load of 5.0 courses) and an additional SE half course in Year 4 (total of 5.5 courses in Year 4). Requirements and regulations are located in the Academic Calendar.

On the OUAC application, students must both select the Medical Sciences First Entry Program (ESM) and the button for Scholar's Electives. A Supplementary Application must be submitted by February 14, 2022.

The admission process is competitive - approximately 350 students have applied for ~ 20 spaces in 2021/22!