Applying with IB and AP Credits

Students entering Western with IB or AP courses should review the information under Applicant Types for basic information about applying with International Baccalaureate (IB) or Advanced Placement (AP) courses.  Questions about admission to Western with IB or AP credits should be directed to the Admissions Office.

Students with transfer credit(s) for first-year biology, chemistry, math or physics based on IB or AP course(s) taken in high school, have the option of moving on to a second-year course(s) or repeating the first year course(s) at Western. Students should consult with an Academic Counsellor in NCB 280 if they have questions about repeating a course(s) for which transfer credit has been granted and/or taking a senior course.

Receiving transfer credits can be challenging when choosing courses for Medical Sciences at Western.  The following tips/resources should help prepare students for their course selection.

Degree Requirements:

  • A degree requires a minimum of 5.0 first year courses (numbered 1000-1999).  Transfer credits can count towards this requirement.
  • Students can take/have transfer credit for more than 7.0 first-year courses but a maximum of 7.0 first-year courses can be counted in any degree.  A minimum of 13.0 senior courses (2000-level and above) must be completed in a BMSc degree or a BSc degree with an Honors Specialization in Neuroscience.
  • Students must take/hold credit for a minimum of 1.0 first year course that is from Category A or B (i.e. a non-science course).  An IB or AP transfer credit that is from Category A or B (e.g. History or English) can satisfy this first-year “breadth” requirement.  See details about Breadth Requirements in the online Academic Calendar.

Course Selection - things to consider:

  • The Admission Requirements for the modules leading to BMSc degrees and the BSc (Neuroscience) include first-year courses in biology, chemistry, math and physics which must each be completed with a minimum mark of 60%.  Having an IB or AP transfer credit for any of these courses satisfies this minimum requirement 0f 60%.
    • Note:  a transfer credit for math must be equivalent to the 1.0 math course listed in the Admission Requirements for the module a student would like to enter in Year 3.  If it is not equivalent to the 1.0 math course in the Admission Requirements, the first year math course must be taken at Western.
  • Students can take a first-year course at Western even if they have received a transfer credit for it or they can take a combination of first-year courses and senior courses (see next bullet) in their first year at Western.  If students take a first-year course at Western for which they have been granted a transfer credit, they will forfeit (lose) the IB or AP transfer credit and must achieve the minimum mark on the Western course.
  • Students may take 2000-level course(s) in their first year at Western if they have been granted transfer credits in the prerequisite course (e.g. first-year biology, chemistry, math), and choose not to repeat any of those transfer credits.  Students taking senior courses in their first year at Western must, however, satisfy their 5.0 first-year requirements at the same time as taking any senior courses.
  • The decision to either repeat a course for which transfer credit has been given or to move on to a 2000-level course in biology or chemistry (for example) is a personal choice.  Students have to make the decision based on what they think is in their best interest.

General Comments:

  • Students must register in 5.0 courses during the fall/winter of Medical Sciences 1 to be eligible to progress to Medical Sciences 2