Admission to Year 4 BMSc

Students must be admitted to Year 3 of the BMSc Program to complete a module(s) that lead to a BMSc degree.
Students who are not eligible for admission to Year 3 of the BMSc Program directly from Year 2 may not repeat Year 2 and re-apply to the BMSc Program.  Students whose performance in Year 2 was adversely affected by extenuating circumstances may, however, submit an Appeal for Admission to Year 4 for consideration by the BMSUE Program Committee.

Third-year BMSc students submit an Intent to Register (ITR) for Year 4 of the BMSc Program during the ITR period in February/March.  Students will select a First and a Second Choice for their intended program/plan (degree + modules) for the next year.  See the various Honors Specialization, Specialization and Major Modules Offered that lead to a BMSc degree.

During the adjudication period in May, students will be considered for the module(s) they requested during the ITR period:

Honors Specialization Modules

Enrolment in each Honors Specialization module in Year 4 is limited due to a limited number of research projects available in each discipline-specific Honors Specialization module and spaces in Medical Sciences 4900F/G (Honors Specialization in Medical Sciences).

Weighted Averages

Admission to an Honors Specialization module in Year 4 requires a minimum Weighted Average of 75% and completion of ALL of the courses indicated in the Weighted Average Chart. Admission is not guaranteed as each of these modules has a limited capacity. Any student in Year 3 BMSc with the appropriate courses can apply for admission to Year 4 of any Honors Specialization module.

Selection Process

All students who request a particular Honors Specialization module as their First Choice during the ITR period will be ranked according to their Weighted Average for that module. Beginning with the highest Weighted Average, students will be registered in the module and, if there are more students than spaces in the Honors Specialization module, registration will be closed when the maximum capacity is reached.  The average of the last student registered in the module determines the “minimum average” for the particular Honors Specialization for that year. Preference is given to students who have completed all of the courses listed in the Weighted Average Chart for the Honors Specialization module.

Minimum Averages

There is not a pre-determined minimum average for each Honors Specialization module. There is only a pre-determined maximum capacity for each module -- the average of the last student admitted to the module determines the minimum average for that module for that particular year. Please review the maximum capacity and minimum averages required for entry into each of the Honors Specialization modules in past years.

Year 4 Double Majors

Double Majors can be completed in either a BMSc (Honors) degree or a BMSc degree (non-honors), with the only difference between the two degrees being the level of marks required in the courses.  A minimum cumulative modular average of 70%, with marks of at least 60% in every modular course, is required for the BMSc (Honors) degree containing Double Majors.  Since registration in Year 3 BMSc requires higher marks than usually required for registration in an honors degree, all Year 3 BMSc students in Double Majors should be eligible to register in honors degrees.  Registration in Double Majors is not limited.

Common Courses in BMSc Double Majors: BMSc students completing Double Majors almost always encounter “common courses” in their two Major modules.  A maximum of 1.0 common course may be used (double-counted) toward both Majors, according to the Common Course Policy for Science/BMSc students.  At least 11.0 modular courses are required for students completing BMSc Double Majors and, when the two Majors do not contain any common courses, 12.0 modular courses are required.  See the Common Course Policy and the examples provided.

Year 4 Specialization Modules

Enrolment in Specialization modules is not limited since these modules do not contain either a research project in Year 4 or Medical Sciences 4900F/G.  Specializations can only be completed in 4-year BMSc degrees (non-honors).  Since all Year 3 BMSc students are eligible to register in Honors degrees, students are encouraged to select either an Honors Specialization module or Double Major modules, leading to BMSc (Honors) degrees.