Normally, only those students admitted to Year 3 of the BMSc Program may progress to Year 4 BMSc.

A student with extenuating circumstances in Year 2 (e.g., documented medical or compassionate circumstances of a serious nature) may submit an appeal that will be considered by the Basic Medical Sciences Undergraduate Education (BMSUE) Program Committee if entry into Year 3 BMSc is denied during the adjudication period in May. Appeals should not be submitted until adjudication decisions are made, i.e., appeals should be submitted in June. The deadline to submit an appeal is June 30th, immediately following Year 2, but submitting by mid-June is preferable. See the link below, Appeals for Admission, for full details.

A student granted an appeal will register in Year 3 of a BSc program and be permitted to submit an Intent to Register for Year 4 of the BMSc (Honours) Program.  At the end of Year 3, admission to Year 4 BMSc will be granted as long provided the conditions laid out during the granting of the appeal are satisfied.

Registration is highly constrained in basic medical science courses, particularly in the 3000-level laboratory courses, and students granted an appeal may find it challenging to register in courses required to pursue Honours Specialization or Double Major modules in the BMSc Program. Students granted an appeal may have to consider Double Majors in the BMSc program since registration in Honours Specialization modules is somewhat constrained. 

A student denied an appeal will not be permitted to register in a module(s) leading to a BMSc degree at any point in the future.  A student in this situation will be encouraged to consider completing a BSc degree with either (i) Double Majors, choosing one basic medical science Major (e.g., Major in Medical Sciences) and a Major from another faculty (e.g., Major in Biology or Major in Psychology) in either an Honours or 4-year (non-honours) degree, or (ii) an Honours Specialization or Specialization module offered by the Faculty of Science.

See Appeal for Admission for full details. Appeals should not be submitted until June, after adjudication decisions are made. It is recommended that appeals be submitted by mid-June and the deadline for submission is June 30 immediately following Year 2.

For information about appealing final marks, etc. see the information for Appeals posted on the Academic Counselling website.

Progression from Medical Sciences 1 to Medical Sciences 2:

Because students who are interested in applying to Year 3 BMSc but are not eligible to progress to Medical Sciences 2 may apply for admission to Year 3 BMSc as applicants from the "competitive pool", appeals to waive the progression requirements from Medical Sciences 1 to Medical Sciences 2 will not be granted. The conditions for admission from the competitive pool include minimum marks of 60% in each of the 1000-level courses listed in the Admission Requirements for the module to which they apply, and these minimum marks must be achieved prior to the September of Year 3. The minimum marks of 60% in each of the 1000-level courses in biology, chemistry, computer science, math and physics for admission to any basic medical science module must be achieved and this minimum level of academic performance will not be waived.