• Western University Team Awarded OIRM New Ideas Grant

    December 11, 2015
    A team led by Dr. Dean Betts, PhD was awarded $50,000 from the Ontario Institute for Regenerative Medicine to advance the hypothesis that metabolic reprogramming enhances the generation efficiency of cells towards a naïve pluripotent stem cell state. The team will direct fibroblasts towards a single and/or bivalent metabolic states using sole fuel source selection to determine if their induction towards multiple pluripotent states is enhanced. The studies will develop a simple and reliable culture protocol to modulate the bioenergetic state of somatic cells to efficiently generate high quality naïve human iPS cells for future stem cell therapies.

  • Animal Care chair embraces new role as overseer

    December 04, 2015
    Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry professors Nagalingam (Raj) Rajakumar and Timothy Regnault hope to engage members of the Western community – and the broader London community – to bring to light the mandate and functions of the university’s Animal Care Committee (ACC).

  • Postdoctoral scholar strikes more Gold with research

    October 22, 2015
    Western neuroscientist Melanie Kok, PhD’15 (Neuroscience), has gone from athletic medals to academic medals with her research on the cerebral cortex for which she was recognized with a 2015 Governor General’s Academic Gold Medal.

  • New rapid test for E. coli improves food safety

    October 02, 2015
    Dr. Michael Rieder and his team have created a new rapid-test system to detect E. coli 0157. The test would allow manufacturers to identify contaminated food quickly before it leaves the processing plant and enters the grocery store.

  • Bringing new life into research on the placenta

    October 02, 2015
    As part of the National Institute of Health’s (NIH) Human Placenta Project, Charles McKenzie, PhD, and Timothy Regnault, PhD, have received $3.7 million CAD in funding over four years to develop a new technology based on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) that will, for the first time, allow them to determine metabolism in the placenta and monitor changes in placental metabolism as pregnancy unfolds and when challenged by external maternal factors.

  • Taking science out of the box

    August 18, 2015
    On any given Friday night during her graduate studies, Bonnie Schmidt, PhD’93, could be found tending bar at an east London establishment. The part-time job not only helped her to make ends meet, but it also served as a platform for her to talk about science and her research.

  • PhysPharm Researchers receive CIHR funding

    July 31, 2015
    Of more than 1,600 applications received by CIHR, 150 applications were successful in receiving funding, four of those from Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry and Robarts Research Institute. Frank Beier, PhD, professor, Department of Physiology and Pharmacology at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry, and Canada Research Chair in Musculoskeletal Research, received more than $3 million for his research into the molecular pathways behind osteoarthritis.

  • Speaking with some of the 2015 Order of Canada honourees

    July 10, 2015
    Bonnie Schmidt has been named a member of the Order of Canada because of her advocacy for youth engagement in science education through her organization Let’s Talk Science, which develops programs for children from preschool to high school.

  • Catherine Nevin, MSc Candidate, earns Women’s Health Scholars Award

    June 23, 2015
    Catherine Nevin, MSc Candidate in the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, has been named among nine university scholar recipients of the Ontario Women's Health Scholars Award...

  • Congratulations to our students

    June 22, 2015
    Congratulations to our graduating 4th year student award winners and graduate student scholarship recipients. Congratulations also to two of our PhD students, who were amongst 10 PhD students that were chosen to represent Schulich Medicine & Dentistry and Western University at the Canadian Student Health Research Forum (CSHRF)/CIHR National Student Research Poster Competition...

  • Ontario Research Fund supports research excellence

    June 18, 2015
    Congratulations to Stephen Lomber (Equipment for Electrophysiological Recording and Functional Imaging of Brain Plasticity), Penny MacDonald (Investigating Cognition in Parkinson's Disease: Identifying Clinical and Cognitive Features That Predict Functional Impairment), and Cheryl Seguin (Mouse models to study intervertebral disc development, health and disease).

  • Congratulations to our Graduates!

    June 11, 2015
    Today our graduates participated in Western's 305th Convocation ceremony. We wish our graduates the best of luck as they take their next steps forward! Pictures from our convocation luncheon can be found in our Flickr gallery

  • Congratulations Team Bernier!

    June 09, 2015
    This past Sunday, June 7th, 2015, a passionate group of students, staff, and faculty from Physiology and Pharmacology, and other departments, participated in the annual Walk to Fight Arthritis to raise funds for The Arthritis Society in support of the over 4.6 million Canadians that live with arthritis.

  • Homecoming 2015 Dean’s Distinguished Lecturer announced

    June 01, 2015
    We are pleased to announce that Bonnie Schmidt, PhD’93, has been selected as the recipient of this year’s Dean’s Distinguished Lecture award. Schmidt is the President and Founder of Let’s Talk Science — an award-winning, national and charitable organization dedicated to science education and outreach in support of youth development.

  • Sleep apnea cutting lives short, researcher argues

    May 22, 2015
    Physiology and Pharmacology professor John Ciriello’s research shows pregnant women suffering from sleep apnea may actually be putting their unborn children at risk for metabolic diseases as adults.

  • Western establishes The Bone and Joint Institute

    May 15, 2015
    Western University has taken another bold step toward positioning itself as a global leader in research and innovation in musculoskeletal (MSK) health by establishing The Bone and Joint Institute.

  • Grad award winners

    May 15, 2015
    The Department of Physiology and Pharmacology was well represented yesterday at the 13th Annual Paul Harding Research Awards Day. Two of our Physiology and Pharmacology MSc candidates, Mike Wong (supervisor Dan Hardy) and Kristyn Dunlop (supervisor Tim Regnault) won 1st and 2nd place oral competition, respectively, in the Graduate Student category.

  • New Musculoskeletal Health study cautions use of whole-body vibration platforms

    April 23, 2015
    A new study from Western University shows that whole-body vibration platforms, which are used extensively in health clubs and rehabilitation clinics, may be causing significant damage to joint tissues. The findings by Cheryle Séguin, Matthew McCann and collaborators ...

  • Celebrating Excellence in Physiology and Pharmacology

    April 15, 2015
    We are pleased to announce that the following members of our department have been recognized for their outstanding contributions to the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry...

  • Congratulations to our faculty members

    April 13, 2015
    Congratulations to Drs. Penny MacDonald and Stephen Lomber who were recently awarded new Canada Research Chairs...

  • London Health Research Day 2015 Award Winners

    April 09, 2015
    Congratulations to our award winning trainees. Poster award winners: Katherine Rabicki (Beier) and Valerie Arpino (Gill), Student Choice Award: Carmen Leung (Feng). Feature Platform Presentations: Noelle Ochotny (Dixon), Michael Pest (Beier) and Anusha Ratneswaran (Beier). The Lucille & Norton Wolf LHRD Trainee Publication Awards were swept by PhysPharm trainees: Anusha Ratneswaran (Beier), Thomas Velenosi (Urquhart) and Michael Pest (Beier).

  • Annual 4th year thesis students poster day photos now posted!

    April 08, 2015
    Be sure to visit our Flickr gallery to view the latest photos taken at our annual 4th year thesis students poster day. There are also plenty of other great photo albums of past events to look at in our Flickr gallery if you haven't already had the opportunity to do so!

  • Congratulations to Drs. Jeff Dixon, Lina Dagnino, and Paul Gribble.

    March 20, 2015
    Jeff Dixon has been honored with a Distinguished University Professorship (DUP), the university’s top award for faculty. The Distinguished University Professorship Award acknowledges sustained excellence in scholarship over a substantial career at Western. Lina Dagnino and Paul Gribble have also been honored this year as Faculty Scholars which recognizes their significant achievements in teaching or research. The recipients are considered all-around scholars and hold the title of Faculty Scholar for two years. For more details on the awards/awardees, click on the above link.

  • Ruth Martin named to Canadian Academy of Health Sciences

    March 03, 2015
    Congratulations to Ruth Martin, PhD, Professor in the School of Communication Sciences and Disorders and the Faculty of Health Sciences' Associate Dean for Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, on her induction as a fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences (CAHS)...

  • Dr. Lewis W. Hersey - Obituary

    March 02, 2015
    Dr. Hersey passed away on February 27, 2015. He was recruited to the Department of Pharmacology as a graduate student in 1961 and subsequently received a faculty cross-appointment with the Departments of Pharmacology and Anaesthesia. After a distinguished career Lew Hersey became Professor Emeritus in 1995.

  • Dr. Julio Martinez-Trujillo has been appointed to the position of Provincial Endowed Academic Chair in Autism

    February 13, 2015
    Dr. Julio Martinez-Trujillo completed his MD at the University of Havana in 1991, and completed his residency training in Clinical Neurophysiology at the Cuban Neuroscience Center. He practised Clinical Medicine from 1993 to 1996 in Bogota Colombia working with children with epilepsy and developmental disorders...

  • Dr. Jim Lewis has been appointed as Clinical Research Training Director

    February 11, 2015
    The Clinical Research Training Director position was created to have a lead faculty member responsible for the management of the clinical research training programs, mentoring and career development of the trainees in the programs at the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry...

  • Getting in touch with the brain

    February 05, 2015
    Have you ever wondered how the brain works to move the hand? Questions like this have fostered Andrew Pruszynski’s interest in his research that involves how the brain and body interact to create purposeful movement and experience sensation...

  • The Department welcomes two new scientists

    January 07, 2015
    Dr. Julio Martinez-Trujillo joins Schulich Medicine & Dentistry as an Associate Professor with the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, and as a researcher at Robarts. Andrew Pruszynski, PhD, arrived at Western from Umea University in Sweden...