Lindsay Ninivirta

Tell me about your background before pathology/medical school?

I was raised in Kaministiquia Ontario. I did my undergraduate degree in Forensic Science at Trent University and trained as a medical laboratory assistant (MLA) prior to medical school. I did my medical school training at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine, Thunder Bay campus.

What made you choose pathology as a career?

I have always been interested in Forensics. During my undergraduate degree I did a mentorship placement with a Forensic Pathologist and immediately fell in love. At the time I had planned on working in the forensics field in some capacity, likely as a technologist, but my mentorship experience changed my mind and I decided to apply for medical school with the plan of going into pathology.

What attracted you to Western’s pathology program?

I was fortunate to get to do a medical student elective placement at Western and fell in love with the people and learning opportunities. The group of pathologists and residents at Western are truly phenomenal and go out of their way to ensure that everyone has the best possible experience. I also enjoyed that there were multiple teaching and educational rounds weekly to challenge me and help me expand my knowledge.

What are some specific things that you like about Western’s AP program?

I enjoy that the entire pathology department is on the same floor in the same hospital meaning that you get to know all of the pathologists, residents, pathology assistants, and lab staff very well. There is also a regional forensics unit and autopsy training is given by forensic pathologists.

The atmosphere, residents, and staff are all very supportive. The staff go above and beyond to ensure that training is geared to individual resident needs and are more than happy to help in any way. There is also a pathology assistant training program at Western and a wonderful group of pathology assistants which makes for a good grossing learning environment.

What are your hobbies outside of medicine?

Outside of medicine I have been involved with Girl Guides of Canada for over 20 years and continue to be an active member as I find helping young women grow and fostering leadership skills in young women a rewarding and valuable endeavor.  I also deeply enjoy the outdoors. I go on a multi-day backwaters canoe trip yearly in Northwestern Ontario and enjoy hiking and swimming. I also have a mischievous black cat who I spoil, of course.

What are your academic interests?

I have been interested in the field of forensics since high school and knew that I wanted to some day work in that field. I also enjoy research and teaching opportunities, both of which there are ample opportunities at Western!

What are your career goals?

I will be applying for a forensics fellowship this year and plan to work in that field wherever there is a demand. I would like to continue to teach in some capacity in my career.

What is something you would like to tell students who may not be able to do an AP elective at Western?

I personally think that we have a wonderful group of residents who are very inviting and work together as a cohesive group, we like each other enough to attend social activities together in our spare time.

Regarding CaRMS, rank the programs in the order that you want! Also feel free to reach out to us with any questions about the program or our experiences. Good luck!