Paediatric Clinical Pharmacology


Clinical Pharmacology is a subspecialty which accepts trainees with core training in Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Anesthesiology and Paediatrics. It is based on in-depth knowledge of human pharmacology, therapeutics, personalized medicine, and toxicology. The discipline of Clinical Pharmacology includes rational therapeutics, clinical toxicology, population therapeutics, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacogenomics. It is a research intensive subspecialty with the expectation that trainees will acquire sufficient research experience during their subspecialty training to function independently in a research environment. As well, during the training program residents will acquire skills in Personalized and Precision Medicine.  

Career paths for Pediatric Clinical Pharmacologists would typically include working at an Academic Health Science Centre, working for Federal or Provincial governments regulating drug use, working for agencies such as the WHO or working in the pharmaceutical industry. The vast majority of Clinical Pharmacologists trained in Canada work at Academic Health Science Centres.