Dr. Sarah McLean


Dr. Sarah McLean
BSc (Honors), University of Waterloo, 2007
PhD, Physiology (Developmental Biology), Western University, 2012
Master of Educational Technology candidate, University of British Columbia




Teaching Philosophy

When students are able to share their experiences, they grow. As such, I feel it is crucial to provide authentic learning environments to students. In my courses, I have embedded authentic tasks, assignments, and evaluations. In Medical Sciences 4300, students work in a team with a community partner to develop resources to aid in scientific and health literacy. In Medical Sciences 3900, students perform online laboratory decision trees (LaboraTREEs), to help them understand the theory of an experiment. In the wet lab, they are able to spend time executing the experiment, as they know the purpose behind the steps of the protocol. By empowering our students with authentic and collaborative learning, we can best prepare them for their futures.

Student interaction is so critical to my teaching, that all of the courses that I have designed (Medical Sciences 4200, 3900, and 4300), have a blended and flipped model to facilitate synergy. Students in these courses complete interactive online learning modules before class; class time is then used for discussion, application, and problem-solving. This model allows students to be active contributors in class, rather than simply consumers. Both my students and I benefit from this approach, as I am continually inspired by my students.


2018: Marilyn Robinson Award for Excellence in Teaching
Faculty Community Engaged Learning Award
2017: Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance Award for Excellence in Teaching
2017: Univeristy Students' Council- Award of Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching
2016: Faculty Development Mini Fellowship Fund
2015-2016: University Students' Council Teaching Honour Roll

Research Funding:

2014-2017: Teaching Support Centre - Teaching Fellowship ($60,000)
2013: Instructional Innovation and Development Fund (IIDP) with Dr. Candace Gibson - ($7700)


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