Program Features

Our innovative program is structured in a series of learning blocks, rather than traditional courses, in which you will complete coursework with a small cohort of peers. Therefore, students will be immersed in one core area at a time for the duration of the program. Learning blocks are designed to be highly integrative and concepts will be introduced, cultivated, and applied to real-world contexts so that students gain experience exercising professional judgement.

Other Features

When students return to the classroom following their rotations, they will reflect on their experiences and complete a capstone project that connects theory and practice. Students will work in small teams throughout the program to identify and address a wicked problem while integrating multiple disciplinary lenses from the biomedical sciences. Multiple stakeholder perspectives will be consolidated to inform the final capstone project including, but not limited to, community partners, basic science researchers and clinicians.

Students will also be expected to develop and maintain an ePortfolio throughout the program. An ePortfolio is an electronic repository where students can showcase artifacts of their learning (papers, presentations, digital media, etc.). Generating an ePortfolio is a powerful learning experience as it allows students to focus on the process of learning as opposed to just the product. It also allows students to revisit previous work and make modifications before showcasing a final version. Students will be able to review their ePortfolios when preparing for an interview or share them with a future employer. Literature suggests that ePortfolios are also an opportunity for students to think critically about their skill development and their ability to confidently articulate the skills they have developed.