The graduation regulations for 4-year degrees and Honors degrees are outlined in the Academic Calendar.

When you apply to graduate, we check that you have satisfied the following:

  • first-year requirements (5.0 courses)
  • breadth requirements (courses from Categories A, B and C)
  • essay requirements (minimum of 2.0 essays)
  • module requirements
  • minimum number of credits (20.0 for a BMSc degree)
  • minimum number of senior credits (13.0 for a BMSc degree)

Check the Honours Specialization in IMS and the Major in IMS for graduation checklists, etc.

You have to apply to graduate for Spring Convocation (June) between February 2 and April 30. If you want to graduate at Fall Convocation (October), then you apply for graduation during the summer months.

Information about graduating photos and the Graduate Composites are located here.

Check the Convocation website for general information about convocation, ordering regalia, etc.