IMS Advantage

The IMS modules provide the opportunity for an indepth study of the interrelationships between two or more basic medical science disciplines. These modules are attractive to students who desire more latitude in their studies.

Flexibility and broad foundation

Students have greater flexibility in course selection than a discipline-specific module, which can provide a broader foundation in the basic medical sciences.

Hands-on Laboratory Skills

Students can experience a wide variety of hands-on laboratory techniques commonly used in medical science research.

Unique learning experience

Medical Sciences faculty members are invested in education. Students are exposed to a variety of unique learning approaches including active learning, blended courses, and flipped classrooms.

Combined BMSc/HBA

Students have the opportunity to combine the Honors Specialization IMS with Ivey to lead to two Honors degrees in 5 years

Interdisciplinary study

Students gain a greater understanding of the interrelationship between the basic medical sciences in the investigation of a clinical disease.

International Exchange

Students may find the flexibility in the Honors Specialization in IMS allows for easier course selection at an exchange institution in Year 3.


Non-thesis Honors degree

Compared to a discipline-specific research project course, the Year 4 Honors Specialization module involves an interdisciplinary examination of a clinical disease. Students will improve their research and scientific writing skills in the capstone courses.


World-renown scientists and clinicians

Students are exposed to cutting-edge research by world-renowned scientists and clinicians.

Collaboration and mentorship

The learning environment is inclusive and collaborative. Students have numerous opportunities to work with and establish relationships with Medical Sciences faculty.