Medical Sciences 4931F/G

Medical Sciences 4931F/G is offered jointly by Basic Medical Science Departments. This course provides an introduction to the basic medical sciences through discussion and investigation of selected topics in medical sciences. Topics will focus on human diseases or conditions which are most common or result in most illness and death or burden to the health system (e.g., diabetes, obesity, cancer, neurodegenerative disease).

Online learning modules, 2 tutorial hour; 0.5 course

This course is required for students in Year 4 of the Major in IMS. A limited number of seats are also available to students in Year 4 of BMSc, BSc, BESc and BHSc degrees.

Medical Sciences 4931F/G is offered in both the Fall and Winter terms, as well as online during the Summer.

Medical Sciences 4930F/G.

Registration in Year 4 of a BMSc, BSc, BESc or BHSc degree, with the exception of the Honours Specialization in IMS, or permission of the instructor.

Learning Outcomes:
Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Draw from multiple basic medical science disciplines (e.g., pathology, epidemiology,
    biochemistry, anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, immunology) to use an
    interdisciplinary approach to understand and evaluate a chosen disease.
  • Conduct an effective search inquiry using an appropriate medical literature database
    and summarize pertinent information.
  • Summarize primary literature by discussing the methods and main findings within a
    research study.
  • Evaluate scientific literature and synthesize concepts to create a literature review in a
    specific discipline of the chosen disease.
  • Develop written and oral skills to communicate information, arguments, and analyses
    accurately and reliably, to a range of audiences.

Evaluations (Fall/Winter):

Participation and feedback 20%
3MT oral presentations 10%
Literature review 35%
Students' choice assignment 10%
Academic footprint 5%
Final Exam (take home) 20%

Evaluations (Summer):

Weekly quizzes 10%
Weekly discussions 10%
Peer review 10%
Written assignments 35%
Presentations 15%
Final examinations (take home) 20%

Course Syllabus - 2019/20 (Fall/Winter)